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How to Resolve Brother Printer Error 49

Being one of the best printer available in the market, it’s not immune to common printing problems. You may face several problems with Brother printer. Error 49 is one of such printer errors that you might face with the printer. However, you can Resolve brother printer error 49 with simple and easy to follow steps or Brother Printer Support Number +1-866-969-0698.

How does Printer error “49” occur? How do you get rid of it?

One of the errors that may occur when printing a document is the “49.XXX” print error. It can happen because of a number of reasons including lost data, invalid print orders, bad software and loose cable connections. Being a form of error in firmware, it’s hard to point out what caused the error. The error can be quite a concern, because if the Printer Error “49” happens once,

Printer error “49” can be resolved in the following ways:
  • By removing Dual Inline Memory Modules and Enhanced Input/Output cards
  • Resolving issues with printer’s drivers
  • Resolving issues with formatter board

What is Printer error 49?

While printing, sometimes you may face this unable to print error 49 issue. There might be multiple reasons behind this error. Such as invalid data, wrong printing command, loose cable connection and so on. It is a firmware error so it is difficult to identify the main reasons behind the error. Also, if it happens once then it is likely to happen several times.

Effective Solutions Resolve Brother Printer Error 49:

If you have this DIMM and Enhanced Input-output cards in your printer, removing these will Resolve brother printer error 49 in most of the cases.Once removed, restart your printer and see if the error occurs. If not, then place back the card one by one, and replace the corrupted on or call Brother Customer Care Service Number.

 Remove the Dual Inline Memory Modules and Enhanced Input /Output cards:

  1. Firstly, turn-off the printer device.
  2. And then, access the right side of the printer by rotating it.
  3. Now, unplug all the power cords and cable connections from the Brother Printer device.
  4. Hold the cover of the Brother Printer device and move it towards the rear side until it stops.
  5. And then, remove the cover by opening the screws.
  6. After this, remove the Dual Inline Memory Module placed within the antistatic package.
  7. Hold the DIMM against the back edge and check whether all the slots of it are open or not. If not then, replace it.
  8. After replacing the DIMM, follow the aforementioned steps in reverse order to install it again.

Fix The Printer Driver Issues

Drivers are the specially designed to provide instructions to the printer for smooth functioning. If the driver is corrupted or changed several other problems may appear in the course of use. Go to the control panel. Find the printer driver and check the driver status. You will find the driver setting there find the right setting from the web and then make the necessary changes.

Fix Your Printer formatter Board

In case performing all the steps didn’t resolve the issue, might be your printer formatter board malfunctioning. It’s a large clip found inside the printer. The main purpose of the board is processing the information and directing to the proper component. If the ‘board is corrupted or Break then you may experience this error 49.

Grab 24*7 Brother Printer Customer Support Number for Instantaneous Solution:

If the Printer Error 49 issue still recurs, Call our Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-866-969-0698. Here we offer a hand to hand information to get the issue resolved. Other than that, our support team will also guide you which solution will be better. Call now, avail this opportunity to make you free from stress.