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How To Fix Brother Printer Error Code E51?

Resolve Brother Printer Error Code E51

Brother Printer’s error code E51 is a technical problem in the Brother Printer. This technical error causes a disruption in the printer’s work. The occurrence of the technical error becomes a troublesome factor in the smooth execution of printing work. Although brother printer is said to provide the best printing solution, it may be degraded by a technical error.

The Brother printer error code E-51 usually occurs due to printer’s laser beam, lid or mirrors that are not evenly placed in appropriate solutions and as a result, this printer error code often is encountered by users while working with the device. Users are further requested to perform a deep check whether the ink cartridge and other features of the printer are well placed in your printer before you start using the device. So, here the blog is all about steps on how to fix Brother printer error code E51 with promising solutions.

Causes of Error Code E51 in Brother Printer

Brother Printer’s error code E51 is the technical disturbance that occurs in the brother printer. This technical error may occur at any point in time in the brother printer. Since parts of the printing system are not properly installed, the error code E51 in Brother Printer can occur in the printer. This technical error may also occur if the printer components are not properly placed.

Steps to fix Brother Printer error E51 with promising solutions

Step1: Working with front cover

  • Open the front cover and then leave your device for at least 10 minutes to make it cool down first.
  • Be careful while taking out the drum unit as well as the toner cartridge assembly. It is quite possible that the jammed paper may be pulled out via drum unit or even may be with toner cartridges assembly.
  • This may further lead to releasing of the paper so that users can easily pull it out of the paper tray opening area.
  • At last, close the front cover carefully and proceed with a proper guidance to fix the Brother printer error code E-51

Easy Way To Fix Printer Error Code E51 on Brother MFC665CW

Step2: Managing the drum unit

  • Be careful not to put the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly directly at back section.
  • Pull the paper tray out of the device completely.
  • Now, slowly pull out the printer’s jammed paper and then open the back cover which should be “face-up output tray”
  • Try to carefully pull down all tabs located towards left and right hand sides to easily open the fuser cover

Gently pull up jammed papers out of the fuser unit from your device.

Step3: Working with the fuser cover

  • Close the fuser cover (1) first and then the back cover which will be face-up output tray
  • Pull up the duplex tray entirely out of your Brother printer.
  • Next, the jammed paper should be out of your machine as well as from the duplex tray.
  • Make sure that you have not left out with any jammed paper under the machine from static electricity.

Step4: Working with the tray

  • Carefully put the duplex tray right towards back of the machine.
  • Next, users are guided to put the paper tray firmly at back side of their device.
  • Pull down the green lock lever device and take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit section.
  • Clear out all jammed paper if you find any inside the drum unit.

Step5: Working with the toner cartridge

  • Place the toner cartridge right at the back side into the drum unit till you hear it locked completely into an appropriate place. The green lock lever will lift automatically, if everything is done accurately.
  • Open the front cover, place the drum unit as well as the toner cartridge assembly back into the device.

Step6: Confirmation phase

  • Do confirm that the toner cartridge and a drum unit in the machine have been properly installed. Next, if the drum unit has not been installed then, this may further cause a paper jam in the Brother printer.
  • Close the front cover next.
  • Make sure that the “Error LED” is turned off and the “Ready LED” light is also turned off.

This is likely to be similar to other Brother Printer models that take the LC57 ink cartridge (DCP130C, DCP330C, DCP350C, DCP540CN, DCP560CN, MFC240C, MFC440C, MFC465CN, MFC5860CN, MFC685CW, MFC885CW.

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How to solve Brother HL-6180DW Control Panel Key not responding Problem

How to solve Brother HL-6180DW Control Panel Key not responding Problem

Among many you came across Brother HL-6180DW control panel key not responding problem. Brother HL-6180DW is machine manufactured for all and wide range from small workgroups to medium organizations with printing features of all-in-one device. The machine was made for performing heavy duty printing as well. The device uses TN780 super high yield toner cartridges that print 12000 pages. With the same capacity, frequency and high –volume printing makes it more prone to mechanical and network issues arrival common. Get Brother Printer Technical Support for the mentioned issue and get resolved under the trained technicians:

Brother HL-6180DW Control Panel Key not responding fixed via following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Restart the device

Unplug the Brother HL-6180DW printer as disconnecting the device for some time say for approximately 30 seconds. Switch power back on.

Step 2:  Check for LCD display

Look for the display showing date, time along with other options. If yes proceed to next step

Step 3: In case LCD display is blank check for the power supply wire if it is properly connected or not. You might require plugging in directly on a wall socket using surge protector.

Step 4: Test for key response

Carry test for the Control panel key by pressing the dial pad and see if it responds accordingly on the LCD display

Step 5: If you receive no response from the control panel key on the LCD display, massage each key in circular motion which will force any possible stuck keys.

Step 6: Run the test again by pressing any key on the dial pad.

After the above steps performed and still keys are not working it is high time to get in touch with Brother Printer Customer Support Number USA @ +1-855-205-2148 (toll-free) for the proper guidance from the trained technicians.  As there may be chances after you have tried your best to solve the control panel key not responding issues. It is always better to get basic troubleshooting done under the proper guidance of the experts how actually work frequently with such issues. Get the problem resolved and enjoy your printing.

Steps to troubleshoot pdf file printing issues in Brother Printer

Easy Ways To Fix Brother Printer PDF File Printing Issues

PDF file printing issues can take place due to variety of reasons and one such reason is due to communication glitz between the computer and the laser printer. When this occurs, the PDF file printing process could not be completed at all. In this case, as said by Brother Printer Support experts, the printer could be at its severe fault; possibly there could be bugs to the software.  It may also happen that the PDF file is fully corrupted. Further, it may seems that the actual source of the trouble can never be accurately pinpointed. But our expert Brother printer technicians have managed to “troubleshoot the PDF file printing issue in the Brother printer”

Steps to troubleshoot pdf file printing issues in Brother Printer

Step1: Have a close look at the printer hardware.

  • This issue could be from a loose connection, particularly if there are connecting cables to the computer and the printer. A loose power connection can also be one of the culprits if the plugs are not accurately connected to the power outlet. Users are advised by Brother Printer Technical Support professionals to try unplugging the printer from the USB hub carefully and then plug it directly to the USB port of the computer again. Well, if the above sequence fails to function, then the printer should be switched off and turn it on after sometime. This could improve the connectivity status of the devices. The last solutions could be to check for the printer driver whether it has been upgraded or not?

Step2: Check for the PDF file for printing issues.

  • The PDF file may appear to be fine on the computer monitor but it may also appear to be deceiving. But it will definitely contain a missing or even corrupted data. To resolve the issue, users should go for the Print Image option and ensure that the laser toner cartridge has enough toner to use. Alternatively, one can surely recreate a new PDF file with its revised name and try to print the PDF file again

Step3: Lastly, the software could be the source of the PDF file printing problems.

  • Always remember that all the common solutions that are described above can be well applied to resume the printing process of PDF files or hard copies again.

After the above steps performed and still keys are not working it is high time to get in touch with Brother Printer Customer Support Number USA @ +1-855-205-2148 (toll-free) for the proper guidance from the trained technicians.  Come and explore our top-class Brother printer service solutions


How to Fix Factory Re-Set a Brother Printer to Fix Toner, Drum and Error Lights?

If users are having a Brother HL-2240, HL-2230, HL-2270DW, or HL-2280DW desktop printer connected to their PC or even with the Mac device, they surely with no doubts will experience toner error light or drum error or even just the error light up from time to time. Often this just seems to be with the system which is getting wrong and sometime it will even throw up a toner error light or drum error as per as professional by a team of Brother Printer Repair Service professionals.

Guide to factory re-set a Brother printer to fix toner, drum and error lights

These promising steps will completely reset the printer. Follow all the appropriate steps to get rid of the toner error light on a Brother laser. This is not only software solution but it works on windows XP,7,8, 10 etc and also works on Linux as well as OS X.

Step1: Factory reset

You are first required to factory reset the Brother laser printer

Step2: Turn off step

Turn off the Brother printer thereafter.

Step3: Go button

Next, please press and then hold down the “go” button.

Step4: Held the go button

With the go button still held, you are required to turn it on back again.

Step5: Release the button

When all the three lights flash up, then release the button and press the go button for at -least ten times.

Step6: Ready lights

Wait for the ready lights until the ready light is lit up again. This will take little moment to complete the process

Step7: Factory reset

Your brother laser printer should now be in full factory reset and all the other error lights (toner, drum and error) will be stop flashing.

If you still have issues related to Brother Printer, come and get in touch at our Brother Printer Customer Support +1-855-205-2148 professional section to get your headache solved instantly. Ours is a 24 hours 365days in a year support service available for users.


How To Solve Brother MFC Printer Error “unable to clean” 5a & 50?

Printing all of your essential documents right from the compatible mobile device with the Brother printer is every user’s choice, which will further feature Apple Air Print, Google Cloud Print and Brother I Print&Scan functionalities. After a thorough study was conducted by Brother printer Support team members, it has been found that the 1.8″ color LCD simplifies all types of setting adjustments on the printer, and on the other hand, an automatic double-sided printing helps users to save their time as well as paper.

A step by step guidance to fix “unable to clean” error 5a & 50 on Brother MFC printers:

  • Machine off:

At first make sure that your machines are off

  • Menu button:

Here, according to Brother MFC printer technical support experts, a user needs to switch on the machine while holding down the “menu” button till all the leds come in state of flashing on/off. Now you are in “maintenance” mode.

  • Press 80:

The next step will be for users which will ask them to press the “80” button

Mono start:

Press the “mono start” button for several times till you see a “purge: xxxx” message

  • Press “2783” :

In order to reset the purge counter, a user needs to press the “purge:0000” option

  • Stop :

Press the “stop” button thereafter.

  • Press “99”:

This button should be pressed to proceed with the exit the maintenance mode option.

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How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code “E52″?

Brother printers are highly popular for creating high resolution images at a reduced price. However, you might encounter few error messages while using the Brother Printers. Printer failure and the obsolete printer drivers are the main causes of Fix Error Code “E52″ in Brother Printer. For Brother Printer Repair Service, contact us.

Follow the procedure given below for resolving or fixing error code “E52” in the Brother printers.

  • Fix the laser unit
  • Manual resolution
  • Driver updates

Fix Laser Unit

The main cause of the “Error E52” is the loose cables connected in the laser unit with the printer. To fix this issue, you require inspecting the cables connected with the LCD panel of the printer. You also require cleaning the inner components of the laser panel and then connect them in the right manner. This will fix the issue certainly.

Manual Fixing

It is the best method to fix the error code “E52″ in the Brother printer. This error can happen because of the similar physical issues or the high voltage discharge. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to inspect the voltage settings in the printer. You require removing the printer from the main socket, if the voltage at that instance is too high. Inspect the connection cables and ensure that they are in correct position.

Driver upgrades

An obsolete Brother Printer driver can be the main reason of “Error E52”. Updated drivers are essential for the correct functioning of the hardware devices. The hardware devices might not work correctly, if the drivers are obsolete. You need to ensure that you will regularly upgrade the Brother Printer drivers in your PC.

Why You Should Call Brother Printer Customer Support?

Dial our toll-free number +1-855-205-2148 any time, round the clock for quick online assistance for all the technical issues related to the Printers. If you are looking to contact Brother Printer Customer Support to resolve your problem, please get in touch with our Brother Printer Support to get the best customer support service at highly reasonable charges.

Error Code 36 in Brother Printer

How to Resolve Brother Printer Error Code 36?

Error Code 36 error in Brother Printer occurs due to technical trouble in the printer. This is a technical error that stops the printer while performing a printing job. It mostly appears in the brother printer. Brother Printer is believed to provide the best quality print but with a technical error, it is impossible. The technical error needs to be driven away or it can stop the printing. It is important to look after the maintenance of the printer or the quality can get damaged. Often brother printers may have problems that may occur in the form of multiple error messages. Another such message is the 36 warning of failure. This may result in the printer producing noise along with an error message “Unable to print, see User’s Guide for troubleshooting and general maintenance.” Your printing job may be terminated with this error message and is called your Brother Printer error 36.

Brother Printer Error Code 36

Print Unable 36 error occurs in Brother Printer due to the printer’s technical problem. This is a technical error that prevents the printer from doing a printing job. It appears mostly in the printer of the son. Brother Printer is thought to provide the highest print quality, but it is difficult with a technical error. It is necessary to drive away the technical error or it can stop the printing. It’s all there.

Generally Causes of the Print Unable 36 error occurs in Brother Printer:

The Print Unable 36 error is related to the HVPS PCB failure during standby. The best thing to do is to turn the machine off and unplug everything from the back. Let the machine sit 20 to 30 minutes then try again. Next would be to check all your connections. Go through the machine and make sure everything is plugged in the way it should be, especially the HVPS and make sure none of the Drum contacts are bent or out of place. Technical errors are common and can occur because of miscommunication and the printer’s lack of maintenance. Brother Printer happens with a lot of technical mistakes and one of them is Print Unable 36, which creates a lot of disruption. This technical error in the middle prevents the flow of printing. This happens because of malfunctions in the printing system that need to be reduced.

Resolve Error code 36 in Brother Printer :

  • Replace Damaged Parts
  • Remove Paper and Restart

Replace Damaged Parts

  • You can easily resolve the error code 36 by replacing the damaged parts in the Brother printer.
  • It is essential for you to replace the carriage unit, head, carriage PCB, and carriage motor, if you want to fix the error code 36.
  • Require the power supply PCB replacing if it is destroyed.

Remove Paper and Restart

  • After receiving the error code, you require to open the printer to inspect its inner components.
  • View various pieces of papers stuck inside the printer
  • open various printer covers such as front, paper tray, back and many more.
  • Fix the issue by removing these papers and the next step is to restart the printer.
  • Need to carefully read the installation manual of the printer and if necessary get help from a reliable and trusted technical support service provider.

Method 1:

  • Firstly, you will have to switch off the printing device.
  • Now, you will have to wait to let the printer turn off and become stable.
  • Let the printer device to rest for some time and cool off.
  • Turn on the printing device and wait until it reaches in its position.
  • When the printer gets into the ready position, you will have to try to take a test print by pressing the MENU, 6, 4 and Start.

Method 2:

  • Open up the printer access door when you turn off the printer completely.
  • After this, you will have to take off the drum and the toner cartridge from the printing device.
  • Now, you will have to close the printer access door.
  • Next, you will have to turn on the printing device and make it ready.
  • Check out for the technical error to get dismissed.
  • Once the error message gets disappeared you will have to turn off the printing device one more time.
  • Again, you will have to open up the printer access door.
  • Now, you will have to install the drum and the toner cartridge into its position.
  • You will have to remember to check out the drum and the toner cartridge as there can be damaged within the parts.
  • If any damage occurs within the parts, you will need to replace the parts with a new one immediately.
  • Once the parts get verified you can carry up to installation part.
  • Install the parts in a careful and then close the printer access door.
  • Now you will have to turn on the printing device and wait till the printer gets reached into its ready position.
  • Check out the technical error message and the absence of the message to appear, carry out a simple test.
  • Move into the User Settings List and then press on the MENU followed by pressing 6,4, and START.
  • Take a test print and make sure the error gets removed.

How To Fix Error Code 36 For Mac

Error Code 36 is somewhat of a rare error that some Mac users experience. It occurs when you are trying to copy a file which I will get into later, as well as show you how to fix it. So, if you are getting this error and have no idea what to do, or if you just want to learn for later, stay here because this article has everything you need to know about this error code.

What Causes error code 36?

Unfortunately, it’s not very clear exactly what causes this error to happen. I’m sure that if you had an extensive background in computer science you would be able to figure it out as it is a complicated issue that, most simply put, has to do with the directory of the files and their proper location.

Luckily for you, unlike many error codes, there’s no need to diagnosis what is causing it, as the solution is the same regardless. This is nice as it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

  1. he first thing that you need to do is open up the terminal on your Mac. if you’ve never heard of that or don’t know how to do it, fear not because it’s a really simple task to perform. We actually already have an article on it here that gives you step by step instructions.
  2. Once you have successfully opened the terminal, type dot_clean into the first line.
  3. Drag whatever folder is giving you issues to the terminal window.
  4. Once you drop the folder into the terminal, the path of the particular file will appear in the terminal windows at the end of the command. You can ignore this, as you probably won’t know what it means. It simply is just showing you the exact location of the folder. Just don’t be confused when you see a long line of coding language.
  5. All you need to do from here is click the Enter button on your keyboard and then close terminal.
  6. Test out to see if it corrected the issue by trying to copy the file to several locations on your Mac.

Why You Should Call Us?

Dial our toll-free Brother Printer Repair Service number +1-855-205-2148 for quick online assistance for resolving technical issues relating to the brother printers.

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5 Easy Ways to Clean Brother Printers Print Heads

Print heads can be jam if your Brother Printer Technical Support +1-855-205-2148 has not used for a long time or the printer cartridge has been stored for a long time or empty. When the print heads are blocked then it directly impacts the quality of the printing jobs. This blog will helps you in learning the procedure for cleaning print heads. For instant technical help contact Brother Printer Help.

Method 1: The Vacuum

  • Clean the cartridge with a soft cloth slowly.
  • Clean the cartridge nozzle by using the vacuum hose.
  • Then print a test page to check the printer.

Method 2: Self Cleaning Tool for the Mac Users

  • Choose “print and fax” by clicking on “system preferences”.
  • Select the printer which requires cleaning and launch “Print Queue.”
  • Then click at the utility icon on the printer applicable and choose “maintenance.”
  • Choose “cleaning” in pop-up menu and then click on the “OK” button.
  • Print a test page by running the head cleaning tool.

Method 3: Manual Cleaning Process

  • Inspect the printer installation manual for the position of your print head.
  • Detach the ink cartridges and drop hot water in a cotton cloth.
  • Rub the cloth against the print head to detach dry ink.
  • Run the printer personal cleaning tool twice.

Method 4: Cartridge with Print Head

  • Squeeze the ink cartridge in a cup of hot water for one night if the print head is within the cartridge.
  • Detach the ink cartridge from the water and dry it completely with the help of a paper towel.
  • Install the cartridge again inside the printer and launch the cleaning tool.

Method 5: Self Clean Tool for MS Windows XP/Vista End-Users

  • Launch the control panel menu and choose “printers.”
  • Select and right click the printer which needs to be cleaned. Then choose “properties” in the drop down menu.
  • Select the tab for cleaning.
  • Also choose the nozzles that need to be cleaned and start the printer cleaning tool.
  • The last step is to print a test page and inspect result.

Follow all these mention above steps to fix Clean Print Heads problems by our Brother Printer Customer Support expert. If you are unable to fix it, just dial our toll-free number +1-855-205-2148 for online solution.


Steps to Solve Brother Printer 50 Error Messages

According to the Brother Printer Support  experts, there are several conditions that cause this error messages in the screen. Below are few steps to solve Brother Printer 50 Error Messages. This error might be the result of the following issues:

Steps To Fix Brother Printer 50 Error Messages

• The print head carriage is repeatedly failing to get back to its home page just to the right of the unit.

• Both of the springs are just located on each side of the carriage which is out of their original position.

• The cartridge which might be covering is not locked with security.

Solutions for “Machine error 50” as written by Brother printers tech support professionals:

Solution 1

• Lift the scanner cover with the help of plastic tabs which is located on the left and right side until it gets locked securely in the open position.

• Slide up the print head straight to the middle.

• Check for any available pieces of paper or staple , paper clip

Solution 2

• A user is required to lift the scanner cover by using plastic tabs which is located on the left and right side of the machine until it locks securely into the open position.

• Next, a user is required to slide up the print head to the right side just under the cover to clean the entire encoder strip.

• At last, with the help of lint free cloth, carefully grab the encoder strip on both the sides and then rub the cloth just down the strip from one side to the

Solution 3

• The encoder strip will give the print head the position which is out of place. So, a user is required to open the printer and reinsert the strip in that

Why to choose us?

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Steps to reset the toner light on your Brother HL

Steps to reset Brother printer toner light HL2240?

The Brother HL-2240 is one of the most renowned as well as an attractive personal usage printer for any type of office work, with extremely a low price in the market which possesses various features such as fast speed, and more than acceptable output quality for wide category of business needs.

Easy Steps to reset the toner light on your Brother HL 2240

Below are few essential steps suggested by Brother Printer support number by which you can reset the toner light on your Brother HL 2240 model:

  • Turn on the Brother HL-2240 printer
  • Next, a user is required to open the intro cover of the printer
  • Press and hold Go, and turn power of the printer on. Try not to release the catch.
  • Leave the Go catch at the point when every one of the 3 lights turns on
  • Press the Go catch twice
  • The majority of the lights will power on automatically
  • With the majority of the lights on, press and discharge the Go catch 5 times
  • The Error light will begin squinting as this is normal
  • Close entryway and wait for a while. The printer will go through and make the sound it makes when you first cut it on. After that sound stops, your green Ready light will be on and strong.
  • You are finally prepared to print.

On the off chance that you are having an issue notwithstanding the Toner reset issue, Brother printer technical support number professionals recommend users to put your printer into upkeep mode by pressing the Go button in a wrong way or you are experiencing another issue, you can take a chance at resetting the printer to factory default settings.

  • To go ahead with the factory reset for the Brother HL-2240, you can refer to these guidelines:
  • Watch that the starting page of the printer is shut down.
  • Turn off the power switch on the correct side of the printer.
  • Press and hold the GO catch, and continue holding it down, as you turn on the power switch.
  • Keep the GO button pushed down until every one of the LEDs illuminate and the Ready LED switches off. Set free the GO switch. Ensure that every one of the LEDs switches off.
  • Press the GO switch for 10 times. The Ready LED will streak while the printer is reset. After the printer is reset the Ready LED will be switched on.

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