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How to Fix Brother Printer hl 2130 Toner Error?

Cartridge recognition issue is a general problem in all genuine Brother Toner cartridges. To fix Brother Printer hl 2130 Toner Error, you need to perform several procedures.

Brother Printers are well-known for delivering high printing quality. It’s incredible printing and scanning device are compatible for all. But sometimes, some unexpected error appears during printing which troubles the users. One of such issue is hl 2130 Toner issue which bugs Brother Printers often. This error appears when a user installs a Brother TN2030 cartridge and does not reset the toner.

Solution to Troubleshoot Brother Printer hl 2130 Toner Error

With the help of  Brother Printer Tech Support Team, we have jotted down the best solution to get rid of this error. Thus go through the down mentioned solutions to take care of this unwanted error in less time and effort.

Solution 1: Resetting Toner Cartridges

Step 1: Turn off the Printer and open the Printer front cover.

Step 2: Turn the printer on while pressing down the Go button.

Step 3: Release the Go button when the toner, drum and error LEDs are on and the Ready LED is off.

Step 4: Press down the Go button 2 times while the toner, drum and error LEDs are on. And then press again for 6 times.

Step 5: Close the front cover when the error LED start flashing.

Solution2: Resetting Drum

The printer’s page count needs to be reset as soon as you change a DR2200 drum unit. Open the front cover and press the Go button until all the LEDs are lit and then close it. it will resolve printer’s Drum light warning.

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Solution 3: Printing a Test Page

Turn off the printer and then turn on again and hold the Go Button until the three lights light up. Release the Go button which will turn off the LEDs. Now press the Go button again to print a test page.

Solution 4: Trying Factory Reset

Step1: Turn Off the printer and press the Go button while turning it on again.

Step 2: Keep holding until all the lights lit up, turning the Ready LED off.

Step3: As you release the Go button; all the lights will turn off.

Step4: Now press the Go button 10 times to restart your Printer automatically.

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Get in touch with our technical team via Brother Printer Support Number and get instant help. We are available 24*7 and with our latest technology, we tend to provide online remote support. We deliver comprehensive support to every customer considering their issues and errors. Our team priors the customer urgency and thus provide instantaneous solution in less time possible.


How to Fix Brother DCP-J125 Printer Error Code 50? +1-800-910-1747

If you are getting brother DCP-J125 printer error code 50, which mean your printer is unable to print. This error is commonly occurring, due to the print head issue.  The print head is the cartridges that sit in the inside of the printer. Then don’t worry about it, we are here for your help. Just get in touch with our brother printer technical support team of professionals to solve out the error instantly. Therefore, our blog will help you through various steps on how to Fix Brother DCP-J125 Printer Error Code 50.

Steps to resolving your brother printer error code 50:

Step1: Disconnect the Brother machine

You should try to disconnect the Brother Printer from the power outlet.

Step2: Pulling up Cover

You should try to open the scanner cover just through pulling up on the lower right corner of the cover.

Step3: Check the print head’s Location

Ensure by checking the print head location, mean it’s positioned at the left-hand side of the platen area. If it’s not, then put it in the right place.

Step4:.Gently Moves the Printhead

Try to gently move the print head to the center position.

 Step5: Verify the print head

You should try to examine if you will find anything in the print head, and remove it.

Step6: Reconnect the Printer

You should try to close the cover and reconnect your brother printer to the power outlet.

Step7: Remove Ink Cartridges

If still you are receiving, this brother printer error code 50, then you must try to remove all ink cartridges, and then turn off your printer, so turn it upside down and then shake it some seconds to fix it.

Well, all the above methods will help to solve your issues in an instant and easy way.If you need any further help or support to fix other kinds you brother printer issues, then feel free to ask your any question by connecting our brother printer customer support department. Our qualified and experienced technical professionals are available 24×7/365 days to help you.


How To Solve Brother MFC Printer Error “unable to clean” 5a & 50?

Printing all of your essential documents right from the compatible mobile device with the Brother printer is every user’s choice, which will further feature Apple Air Print, Google Cloud Print and Brother I Print&Scan functionalities. After a thorough study was conducted by Brother printer Support team members, it has been found that the 1.8″ color LCD simplifies all types of setting adjustments on the printer, and on the other hand, an automatic double-sided printing helps users to save their time as well as paper.

A step by step guidance to fix “unable to clean” error 5a & 50 on Brother MFC printers:

  • Machine off:

At first make sure that your machines are off

  • Menu button:

Here, according to Brother MFC printer technical support experts, a user needs to switch on the machine while holding down the “menu” button till all the leds come in state of flashing on/off. Now you are in “maintenance” mode.

  • Press 80:

The next step will be for users which will ask them to press the “80” button

Mono start:

Press the “mono start” button for several times till you see a “purge: xxxx” message

  • Press “2783” :

In order to reset the purge counter, a user needs to press the “purge:0000” option

  • Stop :

Press the “stop” button thereafter.

  • Press “99”:

This button should be pressed to proceed with the exit the maintenance mode option.

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Steps for manual installation of a Brother Printer on a Macbook With Mac Os X Operating System

Brother Printers are known for its high quality features and are the best in its printing service than other brand printers. The brother printer comes with full printing solutions for both office as well as home users. The printer is manufactured with highly innovative features with the state-of-the-art technology. Our Brother Printer technical support phone number section has the full potential to deliver its users a world-class printing experience according to the computer devices. It has the capability to transform a virtual printout into an actual sheet.

Steps for installation of a Brother Printer on a Macbook With Mac Os X

Below are the described Steps for manual installation of a Brother Printer on a Mac-book With Mac Os X Operating System by Brother printer technical support professionals to install a Wireless router based Brother printer on a Mac-book with Mac OS X system:

  • First, a user is required to create a simple short text file to carefully test the printing feature
  • Remove the paper in the Brother printer to avoid wasting too many unsuccessful runs
  • Find out the IP address of your router which is usually x.x.x.1 where x stands for various numbers.
  • Next, access the “Do File | Print in Text Edit” menu
  • Then, input the IP Address of the router in the Address Box.
  • Adding an appropriate name and Router IP Address in the location box is required.
  • Select the type of printer from the Printer list in Print Using box
  • Add the Button
  • At, last click on the continue Button and check the result

Tips for safety purpose

  • Remove the paper in the Brother printer, to avoid unsuccessful runs. Unsuccessful runs occur with a strings of characters, ad infinitum and many other paper issues that could be wasted

Our expert Brother Printer customer support team delivers a world class solution to the issues related to Brother Printer.  Technicians at our premises possess an excellent and a deep know-how of technical specifications of the printer to better troubleshoot them. We encourage our users to get in touch with our expert industry technicians who have wide exposure in handling Brother Printer issues. Brother printer experts will not only rectify your issues of the printer, but also safeguard you from deadly mismanagement of the product.


How to Impact of 3-D printing on businesses? Brother printer support

3D printing is an amazing technology that has finally made a kick-start into the conventional consumer market. Already affecting the ways of product manufacturing, this revolution in printing has many powerful features, authorizing new innovation in terms of general implications on the manufacturing process.

The key strength behind this statement is that 3D printing has the potential to bring manufacturing closer to the end user and the consumer, thereby decreasing the current supply chain limitations. The customization value of 3D printing and the capacity to produce small production batches on demand is a method of engaging consumers and reduce/negate inventory and stockpiling.

Delivering spare parts and products from one part of the world to the other could potentially become outdated, as the spare parts might possibly be 3D printed on site. This could create a major impact on how businesses (large and small), the military and consumers control and interact on a global scale in the future.

Process of Printing

Occurring in several steps, the first one is to put out an idea with digital modeling (which is the most significant). The modeling takes place in a computer supporting design or animation modeling software, where can create a representation of the object you want to print. The final step is when the printer molds (layer by layer) that model into the object/shape that you see on your computer. After you design a shape or model on your computer; you can print it with a 3D printer.

Benefits of 3-D printing

3D printing refers to a range of different technologies for making a three-dimensional object from a digital file. How the machine prints the object depends on the type of technology used by the manufacturer. There are many added benefits of 3-D printing to businesses-

  1. Speed– Once your design is complete, the CAD file can be simply sent to the printer, and the part is manufactured with little or no involvement from anyone. With the evolution of 3-D printing, businesses are not a slave to the postponement of prototype tooling. Quick action improves customer relationships, product evolution, and business grows.
  2. Cost-effective– 3D printing decreases your prototype costs by ten times. Your material costs are limited and can be precisely budgeted before prototype design. 3-D printing may cost hundreds of dollars but, not thousands. Your final prototype must be in a specific material like bronze, you can utilize 3D printing to develop initial prototypes to test for fit and function.

Once the design is faultless, it can be shaped in your desired material, saving you time and money. The significant reduction in prototype costs goes directly to your outcomes. 3D printing will definitely transform your business.

  1. Design– 3D printing provides the ability for your company to be proactive, and to make better products. You can produce your designs more rapidly, and that too, inexpensively. You can build low-priced prototypes for target audience, and evaluate your products before they go to production.

3D printing is not just for complex technologies, it can be advantageous for anyone who is involved in product manufacturing, design or wants to convey their ideas. 3D printing increases the reach of your designs in more hands, providing more input, to enhance your production. If you are looking How to Impact of 3-D printing on businesses? to contact Brother Printer Support and searching for online assistance to resolve your problems, you can call us on our +1-800-910-1747 toll-free number and we will get back to you via online tech support service with the best customer care support solution at very reasonable charges.


Top amenities to work with Brother Printers

Founded in the year 1958, Brother Printer is now known as one of the top manufacturer printing and imaging products. The top-notch and well-designed printing brand has won millions of hearts of people worldwide by proving itself as one of the most preferred printers. Due to its advanced printing services, it can sometime lead to problems while printing. But for that Brother Printer support Helpline team is available for users worldwide. Well, as of now, lets’ see its top features

Top features of Brother Printers:

  • It’s extremely known for its fast and efficient printing services.
  • Being one of the highly preferred printers by the people, it offers high-quality and well-designed printing solutions with exceptionally high printing results.
  • It can be used for various purposes like home, home office, desktop or network work-groups, in black & white or color.
  • Brother printer has the best printing solution for you.
  • Brother printer provides a perfect quality printing services to users that comes with all-in-one feature.
  • Other available products like Brother laser / LED, inkjet, label and mobile printing solutions are offered that are highly used for businesses large and small as well as in the home.
  • Brother printer comes with state-of-the-art technology amenities which is unbeatable and highly affordable in price. The printer is one of the smartest choices for people around the globe.

The most convincing reason to choose Brother Printers:

Brother printer is chosen by people worldwide because it offers low total cost ownership as well as low acquisition rates. Users need not to face difficulties while using Brother laser printers, inkjet printers, all-in-one printers and other products of Brother Printer.

Our Brother Printer Technical Support Number service is available for different group of customers using different kind of Brother Products worldwide. We work 24 hours to meet their daily demands for various workings issues faced by them. We believe in customer satisfaction and have the best track record of the highest success rate to identify customer’s problem and solve them instantly with successful results. If you are looking to contact Brother Printer Customer Support and searching for online assistance to resolve your problems, you can call us on our toll-free number and we will get back to you via online tech support service with the best customer care support solution at very reasonable charges.


How to Setup & Install Brother Printer Driver in Ubuntu?

This tutorial will teach the users to setup & install brother printer ubuntu. The printer drivers for the Brother Printer are easily available in the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu is a highly popular Linux operating system. For more information, contact Brother Printer tech support at +1-800-910-1747.

The steps to install, setup & configure Brother Printer driver in Ubuntu are given below:

  • First connect your Brother printer to your PC via a USB cable. After that, switch on your printer.
  • Sometimes it is essential to add a scanner or printer to computer by application Printers method. Actually the application printer already has the printer driver, but first you have to signify the printer.
  • Therefore use the search box in your menu to launch the application printers. It is available for all the versions of Ubuntu.


Click the Add button in the printers and performs the following steps offered by it. If there is some problem due to the non availability of Brother Printer driver in Ubuntu then do the steps given below. If you want to manually install the printer driver then it is not difficult.  The Brother Printer has provided a Driver Install Tool for which they have provide a generic script for install. By using this tool you can install the drivers for printer as well as scanner.

The steps are given below:

  • Visit the download section of the Brother Printer website. Here search for your printer model.
  • From the “OS Family” you need to select Linux. For the version of the OS you need to choose Linux (deb). Now click on the search button.
  • The next step is to download the linux-brprinter-installer. Save the file in a folder after the download.
  • Launch a terminal window.

Now run the following commands:

  • cd downloads && gunzip –v ~/Downloads/linux-brprinter*
  • Press the enter button.
  • Sudo bash ~/Downloads/linux-brprinter*
  • Press enter and input your password.
  • Now follow the tips given by the installer script.
  • For example for a Brother printer DCP-7065DN, you need to type:

DCP-7065DN. Restart your computer.

Dial our toll-free number for quick online assistance for resolving technical issues relating to the brother printers. Our brother printer customer service is available for resolving technical issues of our customers. Please get in touch with our technical support team and will receive online remote technical help service for Canon printer support and Epson printer technical support at reasonable charges.