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Brother LC61 Printer Setup

Brother LC61 Printer Wireless Setup

Brother printers come with user-friendly features that make these printers versatile and the most favored choice for users worldwide. However, if you want to print some photos and texts from email , Facebook or other platforms, you will need to set up the printer over the Wi-fi. You might even start using it wirelessly after a successful Brother LC61 printer setup. If you are facing problems while setting up your Brother printer, then you need to follow the guideline attentively, as provided in this article. Here, we are going to provide some useful steps for setting up your Brother LC61 printer. Hence, you need to go through the below guidelines for successful setup of Brother LC61 printer.

Effective Way to Perform the Brother LC61 Printer Setup

Don’t panic if you don’t have any technical knowledge of your Brother Printer setup. Because this setup is relatively straightforward. To run the Brother LC61 printer and successfully print the documents, the Brother LC61 printer setup needs to be done correctly and attentively. To execute an error-free setup, you must follow the steps below:

Before Setup

First, you need to check your router’s Wireless network settings. Now note the following network settings that you will later require:

  • Network key – Encryption key, security key, password
  • Network name – SSID, ESSID

The Accurate way to Check the Network Key and the Network Name

  • Check the side or the base of the access point or the router.
  • Go through the documentation which is provided with your router.

Use the methods given below to perform the Brother LC61 printer setup after you have noted this information.

Set up Brother Printer on a Wireless Network

Follow the guidelines one by one as directed below after you have written down the required information from the wireless network settings:

  1. Firstly, connect your Brother printer’s power cable to a power source.
  2. Then, turn the printer on. Now you have to go to the control panel.
  3. After that, select the option.
  4. Now menu, use the up arrow key and down arrow key to select the Network and press OK.
  5. Similarly, select the WLAN and select the option.
  6. Now, select the Setup Assistant by pressing the up and down arrow key and select OK.
  7. When the ‘WLAN Activate’ message? ‘Appears on the screen, just click yes to turn the network on.
  8. This will help you invoke the wireless setup wizard.
  9. Wait a while now, because the machine will automatically search for the networks available.
  10. The available networks will be shown on the screen after some time.
  11. Once the list appears, pick the same SSID you noted before by pressing the arrow key.
  12. Now, press the OK button.Now, perform one of the following:

If you use an encryption and authentication method:

  • First, enter the key for network.
  • Then, select OK to make the settings change.
  • Select Yes to add certain settings.

If your encryption mode is none and you use an open system authentication method:

Then, you have nothing to do. Your printer is automatically connected to your chosen Wi-Fi network.

  1. When your Brother Printer connects successfully, you will see a message like ‘Connected Printing.’
  2. Eventually, the printer can print a summary of the wireless link you are connecting to your printer.

Download and Install the Brother Printer Software

Once you have successfully configured your printer, you may need to install the program for a printing session. You need to go through these guidelines below to download and install such software:

  1. First of all, go to the Brother printer.Now’s official website, go to Download section.
  2. You’ll find the package ‘Full Driver & Software.’
  3. Simply download this package. The installation guide for your Brother printer is available on the download page.

Now, the entire setup process has finished. After installing those drivers you can enjoy a trouble-free printing session. If the network connection setup is successful, you can see the wireless icon in the printer’s display screen at the upper-right corner.

The first thing you need to know after you purchase the Brother LC61 printer is the Brother LC61 printer configuration. When you can’t properly set up your Brother printer so you can’t print anything. We hope, by following this article, you can successfully set up your printer. If during the setup process you still encounter some problems then you can state that in the comment box below.

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