How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error Code SC899?

Resolve Ricoh Printer Error Code SC899 Online

Ricoh Printer Error Code Sc899 appears on your printer’s screen when your computer controls the job printing tool. Ricoh is a Japanese multinational company that has manufactured a wide range of printers which gives high-quality printing service. However, but often the printer gives error codes when the computer sending the print job.

As well as if the print signal is not displayed in the correct format or if the print job is corrupted, users may get the same error code. This printing error is usually caused by some specific versions of Internet Explorer software or Adobe Reader browser plug-ins.

One of those errors is Error Code SC899, well, many people reported to have received this error code. In some cases the error, it’s caused by a True Type font, while other times it may result from a very large print job. Error Code SC899 only occurs when printing from a specific version of the Adobe Reader browser plug-in, or from specific versions of Internet Explorer. So, whatever the reason behind the occurrence of this error code SC899 error, you can fix it easily.  Here the blog will guide you simple steps on Fix Error Code SC899 on Ricoh Printer So you just require following the steps to resolve error code.

Steps to Fix Ricoh error sc899 on Ricoh Printer :- 

Error code SC899 occurs in Ricoh printers when a print job is not present in the correct format or when it corrupts the print job. Cancel the print jobs in such a case and switching off your printer. After a while, switching on the Ricoh printer so it can warm up. In addition, experts are also advised to update all the applications that you are using, especially in the case of SC899 error code.

Step 1:- Unplug the Ricoh Printer Network Cable

  • First, unplug the printer network cable
  • Now, enter service mode by press button, in order, [Reset], [1], [0], [7], [clear] holding down the [clear] button until the “SP” menu appears. In fact, you can enter service mode even when the SC899-00 error message is showing.
  • Hit the “System SP” button.
  • Go to the new menu; expand the portion labeled “SP-5XXX.”
  • Then scroll down the several pages while you see “5801 -> Memory Clear” and expand this section.
  • Hit on subsection 8 labeled “Printer Application” and then press “Execute” button at the right- hand side of the screen to clear the printer’s memory.
  • Next, a confirmation message will then show; then hit “Execute” button on this message to proceed.
  • Make sure that you don’t choose subsection 1, labeled “All clear,” and click on the “Execute” button.
  • The printer will tell you to power off to finish the process.
  • Next, restart the Printer and the error message will be removed.
  • Then the print job from the computer where print job originated before plugging the printer back into the network.

Check the error is resolved; if it’s not, then go the next step.

Step 2:- Turn Off Ricoh Printer

You should try to turn off the printer by the following steps to fix the problem.

  • Turn off your Ricoh printer and then unplug it from the outlet.
  • Then disconnect your Ricoh printer from the computer properly and re-connect it via a USB connection.
  • Next, restart your computer.
  • Then re-plug your Ricoh printer and then again try to turn it on.

Now, check the Ricoh Printer Error 9923 appears, if yes, then go to the next step.

Step 3:- Install New Version of Adobe Acrobat” Add-on/Plug-in

Many times, Ricoh printer has a problem printing PDF files from Google Apps in Microsoft Windows using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome with the Adobe Acrobat browser Add-on.  May be the problem appear due to having the old bad version of the Adobe Acrobat Add-on/Plug-in, and when you print a PDF its outcome in a printer Error Code SC899. Then the best solution is to install the new version of “Adobe Acrobat” Add-on/Plug-in and other Adobe products on your computer for quick work and instant printing job.

I hope that Error Code SC899 is resolved after applied the above steps.

But, still if your Ricoh Printer is showing an Error Code SC899 appearing, then simply try to updating Adobe Acrobat” Add-on/Plug-in, or you should contact Ricoh customer support team to immediate help.

A Complete Guide  to fix Ricoh printer functional error SC899-00

It is necessary to update your Adobe reader plugin or add-on to the up-to-date version so that the chances of such errors get reduced to a fairly low level. As if not taken care, this error will not allow the printer to perform its regular functioning. Also, you can switch to some other web browser so that the error probability minimizes manifolds.

Now if you are looking for a solution to how to fix Ricoh printer error SC 899-00you must go on reading further as proper steps have been provided to mitigate this error in an easy way:

Step 1: Start the procedure of troubleshooting by disconnecting the printer networking cord.

Step 2: Switch to the service mode by pressing the following keys in the sequence given: 0, clear, reset, 1, 7 and then keep the clear key pressed until the SP Menu appears.

Step 3: Now click on the System SP key and look into the section named with SP – 5 series and widen it so that you can scroll down to find 5801: Clear Memory option on the screen.

Step 4: After that, you must press on subsection 8 which is also called the Printer application and push the execute key that is present on the screen’s right side. This step will help in clearing all the memory of the printer.

Step 5: Later you will see that a verification message pops up on the screen for which you will need to check the execute option so that you can move to the next step.

Step 6: It is recommended that you do not select subsection 1 which states All clear key as using it, all the accounting codes will get removed from the Ricoh printer.

Step 7: Now that the memory gets cleared, the Ricoh printer will get automatically switched off that will be a sign of saving all the changes that you have made.

Step 8: Now you will see that the error message gets eliminated when the printer is switched on for use and now, you can clear all the tasks from it that lead to such an error.

These steps are helpful in getting rid of the error and to operate the printer as it was before. Although this method is useful in answering how to fix Ricoh printer functional error SC899-00if still there is an issue due to which the printer does not work like before, it is essential that you consult a professional technician to rectify the issue.

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Ricoh Printer Error Code SC899

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