How to delete a Brother Printer from a Macintosh, Mac Computer?

Even with all the advances in modern technology, printers can still cause some confusion. Here’s how you can add or delete or uninstall printer on mac and Macintosh computers.It’s not unusual several Brother printer driver applications are installed to your Macintosh and you want to Delete or uninstall printer drivers on mac them all at once, it is very obvious that the Brother printer drivers will remain attached to the computer, even if the printer is not in use and is completely disconnected. As defined by Brother Printer Support experts,

the printer can easily be removed from the computer’s printer list, by further eliminating the confusion and other clutters of multiple extra printers on the list. Well, the printer driver will not be deleted while removing the printer from the list and it will continue to take up space on user’s hard drive. But thankfully, users have got an option to delete the printer from a Mac manually.

Steps to Delete or uninstall printer drivers on mac and Macintosh.

Step1: Open up the system preferences.

  • They should further be located in the user’s dock which can easily be found at the bottom of the screen or even from the apple menu section

Step2: Working with the hardware of the Brother printer

  • You will see that in the ‘Hardware’ section, a ‘Print & Scan’ option will appear. Jut tap on it and go next

Step3: Managing the old printer

  • Selection of an old printer from the list of printers, scanners and any other devices is to be made on essential basis as advised by Brother printer technical Support team.

Step4: Working with the “PLUS” sign

  • At the bottom of the list available, there will a plus(+)sign as well as minus(-) sign.
  • Just click on the minus (-) button again.

Step5: Final stage

  • The user’s old printer has completely disappeared now from the list.
  • You’re finally done!

Uninstall printer on mac

You can delete a printer (or printers) from your list of printers if you no longer use it. Follow these steps:

1. Choose the Apple menu.

2. Click System Preferences.

3. Click Printers & Scanners.

4. Select the printer from the list.

5. Click Remove (-). If prompted to confirm, select Delete Printer.

If the printer you removed was set as the default printer, macOS will select another printer to replace it as the default. You can always set a different printer as default from the pop-up menu in Printers & Scanners preferences.

Were you able to add or remove a printer from your Mac using one of these methods?

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