How to Reset Brother printer Ink Level

How to Reset Brother Printer Ink Level?

How to Reset Brother Printer? – Brother printers are latest printers designed for home use or working environment. These printers provides amazing features at affordable price.The printer is the new technology electronic device that helps in improving your work and business. As technology is being updated, printers are also updated in its way of connection, quality, and Efficiency. Brother printers are the most trusted device with a vast user-base. The unique printing features that it avails makes it user-friendly.

Every electrical device has certain flaws. Brother printers also come up with various errors or problems that are making users unhappy. Ink cartridge is one of the common errors that you might confront while using a printer. This affects your ink level and thus generate low-quality prints. The best solution is to Reset Brother printer Ink Level.

Steps For How to Reset Brother Printer

Brother Printer problems are very common and they are the reason behind the customers complaints. Customer also complains about the performance of the printers rather than making attempts to fix it. Various printer problems can be solved easily by turning the printer on and off, or simply plugging or unplugging the power cord. But when reset brother printer errors occur over and over again, resetting your printer by factory is time.

Printer Control Panel 

  1. First of all switch off your printer and ensure that all covers and lids are closed securely.
  2. Then plug the power cord from the outlet and get ready to reset.
  3. Now press and hold the go button that is located on the printer’s control panel. After that set the power on without letting go of the Go button. Wait for few seconds until the printer is completely powered up.
  4. Release the “Go” button and wait till the light indicators are stable. And then start turning off.
  5. Next press the “go” button 6 times when the light indicators are active again.

Reset the Printer Software

  1. Firstly open your web browser and go to Brother printer official website and click on the “Support” menu. Then from the drop down menu select “Drivers and Downloads” and click on “Printers”.
  2. In your printer model choose or type and click on “view” and see’ “your results”. Select your operating system and click on “Search”. Now check for the results with “BRAdmin” and click on the “Information and Download” link and after that click on “Download”.
  3. Run the download program and follow the instructions until the process is completing. Then launch BRAdmin and select your Brother printer model number.
  4. Now open the Control menu and select “Network Configuration”. If there is any type in your password and then click on “Ok”.
  5. Move on to the “Control menu” and select “Factory Reset”.

When you reset your Brother printer to default factory settings then you can’t Undo it. So, create a backup file for your documents, passwords, archives and IP address before performing the hard reset.

Alternative Steps to Reset Brother Printer

These are the other steps that you can perform if the above listed steps didn’t work.

  1. Firstly press the Up or Down arrow key (+ or -) to choose the Network option and then press Ok.
  2. Then press the Up or Down arrow key (+ or -) to choose the Network Reset option and then press Ok. Press the Up arrow key (+)
  3. Now press the Up arrow key (+) for Yes. The machine will restart.

Why need to rest the ink level of your printer?

Often you might notice that the ink cartridge is empty even if there is enough ink to print a page. And the printer does not allow you to perform the printing task until you replace the cartridge or rest the ink level. Sometimes you also have to reset the ink level to make your printer recognize the new cartridge.

How do Reset the Ink Level in a Brother printer?

Follow the steps given below that will help you to reset the ink level patiently.

  1. Find the small metal contact tabs which is located on the side of the Brother ink cartridge.
  2. Now find the small pins on the side of your universal chip resetting device.
  3. Press the pins on the resetter to the metal contacts on the cartridge and hold them together for a few seconds.
  4. Hold the cartridge and the chip resetting device together until you see the green light blink on and off several times.

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