How to Fix Brother Printer Touch Screen not Working Error?

Is your Brother printer malfunctioning? Struggling with touchscreen errors? Not an issue, our team of experts will give you appropriate solutions to Brother Printer Touch Screen Not Working Errors. Have a little patience and go through this write-up to resolve printer related issues.

Brother Printer touch screen not working Errors

The factors responsible for printer touchscreen errors:

Our team of experts has diagnosed the issues minutely and they have deciphered the factors that cause printer touchscreen errors.

  1. The surface of the touch screen contains thick dust or scale, which affects signal transmission.
  2. Touchscreen failure
  3. touchscreen control card failure
  4. touchscreen signal line failure
  5. Printer host serial port failure
  6. printer operating system failure
  7. touchscreen driver installation error

Have a look at the symptoms of Brother printer touchscreen errors:

The touch screen responds inconsistently or the fingerprint is not compatible with the cursor. This can happen if the driver has been installed and when fixing the position, you didn’t touch the center point vertically. Try to calibrate the center point to get rid of the error. Part of the touchpad responds inconsistently. The touch screen becomes unresponsive continually. To avoid this error, clean the touchscreen. Particularly the reflective stripes on the edges of the touchscreen. While cleaning the screen, remember to turn off the power supply to avoid damage.

Steps to Fix Printer Touch Screen Errors:

  • Check how the LED indicator of the touch screen is blinking. Under normal circumstances, the indicator flashes once every second
  • If the signal LED indicator keeps on blinking, please check if the screen needs to be cleaned. Check if the serial port the hardware is connected to the serial port of the software
  • Check if the printer host serial port is functioning correctly
  • After installing the driver for the calibration, pay attention to the system errors, like “not found the control card,” “touchscreen is not connected.” Check whether the touch screen’s signal line is firmly connected with the control card
  • Check whether all the printer cables have been linked to the host.

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