How to Fix Brother Printer hl 2270W Drum Light Error?

Brother Printers are well-known for delivering high printing quality. But sometimes, some unexpected Drum Light error appears during printing which troubles the users. It is important to fix Brother Printer hl 2270W Drum Light Error to restore its functionality. This drum light error, in general, appears during the insertion of a new ink cartridge. But there is nothing to freak out about. This error is much easier than you think. By resetting the Drum Counter, one can easily get rid of this error as early as possible.

Resolve  Brother hl-2270dw error light with Expert Help

Things turn sour when your printer does not function accordingly. Your Brother printer might work perfectly, but your final product may look terrible. Smudges and poor image quality or faded prints make the best documents look unprofessional and sloppy. An outdated driver may cause this issue to a large extent. If your Brother hl-2270dw driver is causing any trouble, go through the solutions to resolve the error at once.

How to Fix Brother Printer hl 2270DW Drum Light Error

Common Reported Brother hl-2270dw Driver Problem?

Over the time of use, the printer begins to malfunction very frequently. In case the driver and the system are not up to date then this problem might start to kick in. A lot of technical problems arise due to outdated drivers. Some of the common problems that you will face while working with your printer are:

  • Printing is blurry or faded
  • Paper jamming
  • Poor quality printing output
  • Brother printer not working
  • Setup and software installation problem
  • Cartridge problem
  • Unable to connect to the Windows Computer
  • Printer not responding

Problems with Brother printer drivers are nothing to be scared of. The issues can be resolved quickly if you follow the guidelines carefully. Check out the solutions that we have provided below.

A Comprehensive Guide to Fix Brother hl-2270dw error light

Many executives and business organizations have reported that Brother hl-2270dw driver has some issues. As a result of which, you might face a lot of complications while printing. Even in some instances, the printer might stop responding. As a matter of fact, the following simple steps should give you a long time of relief.

  1. Install Driver with Network Settings
  • Check the connections
  • Check the IP-Address
  • Restart the Router
  • Check the Firewall settings
  1. Change driver Settings
  • Click on the “Start button”  and navigate to the Control Panel”
  • Select “Hardware and Sound”
  • Then click on “Devices and Printers”
  • Now select the “Printer properties”
  • Change the “Driver Settings”
  1. Uninstall Brother Software and Drivers
  • Open “Brother utilities”
  • Select your model name
  • Click “Tools”  and select “Uninstall”
  • Follow the instructions to uninstall the software
  1. Install all the Updates for your Window
  • Click on the “Start” Button
  • Type “Update”
  • Click “Check for Updates”
  • The system will automatically update the drivers, once done restart your computer and look for the changes.

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Reset Brother hl 2270dw drum error light

Many users have reported that they are facing some technical glitches with the drum error light. One of the easiest ways to fix the drum error light is resetting the drum printer.

To reset the drum replacement, follow the steps:

  1. First, open the door of the printer
  2. Press the “GO” button to turn on all the four lights (Drum, Toner, Ready, Error)
  3. Now, close the door of the printer

Follow the guidelines carefully without damaging the printer and other devices. Hope this solution was useful enough to resolve the error.

When you try to insert a non-Brother ink cartridge inside the printer, you get this error. Even after replacing the ink cartridge with the new one, we get this error. Reset Drum counter as soon as possible to deal with such sort of errors in minimal time.

Beneficial Solutions to Troubleshoot Brother Printer hl 2270DW Drum Light Error:

There are separate consumable Drum and Toner Cartridge units in every Brother Printer. Make sure you only reset the Drum unit, not the toner unit. Here, you can also find the best suitable steps to rectify such errors in less time and effort. Visit our Brother Printer Help Services to fix drum light error to its roots.

  • First of all, Make sure you have turned on your printer. Now open the front cover of the device.
  • Secondly, you need to click on the Clear or Back button. You can find the button on the Control Panel or right side of the LCD screen.
  • Next for numeric keyboard Brother Printer press 1. By doing so, you can reset the drum unit.
  • For the non-numeric keyboard, press the Up arrow button to reset the drum unit.
  • Finally, as you get the Accepted message, shut the front door.

Apply the above process to troubleshoot drum light errors effectively. Before going for the process, Make sure to use the original Brother Drum unit and toner cartridges. Brother Printer has a pre-set temperature that needs to be matched with toner formulation. Using non Brother Product hampers the hardware performance, print quality, and machine reliability. Replace drum and toner cartridges with original ones to ensure quality and reliability.

How to clear ‘Drum Error, Slide Green Tab’ of Brother Printer?

Even this famous printer not free from errors and gives frequent errors. To its users such as Drum Error or Slide The Green Tab error. In case you have encountered Drum Error, Slide Green Tab Message in Brother Printer feel free to connect Brother Printer Support. To avail quick and easy recovery solutions from them.

  1. Take out the drum-toner assembly
  2. Slide the Green tab mildly from side to side several times to clean the primary corona wire and return. it to the home position at the far left
  3. Reinstall the drum unit
  4. Repeat the steps for all other color drum units

If you are still getting the error codes after applying the steps mentioned above. You can connect with our experts who are ready to guide you with best in class support solutions.

Dial Brother Printer Support Number +1-877-552-8560 for Professional Help:

Get in touch with Brother Printer Support Number instantly. Our technical team consists of highly qualified and expert technicians available 24*7. Our techies aim to deliver user-friendly support for all customer related queries. We tend to deliver a troubleshooting process that is more feasible. Our sole purpose is to make the strenuous process less troubling. We also offer recommendations to keep your device healthy in the future too. Hence dial the number now and avail professional help as soon as possible.

For Quick solution Reach Our Experts

Even though you tried all the solutions, still facing the Brother hl-2270dw error light issue. No need to worry about that, our experts can handle the issue in no time. So, reach us the moment you face a problem. Moreover, our experts are operational round the clock. Reach us at our toll-free number and talk to our support executives and resolve the issue in just a flicker of time. Connect with our technicians and engineers at Brother Printer Support. Our experts are capable enough to resolve any of the printer issues, so be it any issue reach us and resolve it under expert supervision.

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