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How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-757?

When you are trying to print to a Xerox printer, the machine refuses to print and completes the job with a 016-757 error. If yes, then don’t worry about it. This is really an annoying situation. The error Code 016-757 is occurring due to the cause of the entered wrong password or even due to Audition security (a Xerox feature), which is preventing users from Printing. Well, many numbers of users encountered the same issue, when they installed Xerox driver for MAC OS. Actually, the device, it’s using Xerox Standard Accounting, so the MAC user requires putting the user ID on Mac drivers, whereas the Windows users have their ID configured at the driver. Thus, here the blog explains you very simple steps on Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-757. Then you just need to follow the below steps to quickly fix the issue.

Steps to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-757:-


Solution 1:- Enabled XSA

XSA is ON or OFF for all users, so they can’t override 1 user, so when XSA is ON, Mac users need to enter the id’s to gain print access. This solution is very helpful for Mac users as you, as you just set the Mac to use accounting.

  • First, the Mac users need to make sure that you have enabled XSA and created a user ID of 111.
  • Then set the PPD in CUPS, that always prompt and to “Send user ID only”.
  • Applied it and when you print, you get the prompt, entered 1111 and the job will complete.
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Solution 2:- Verify Accounting Type

Mac users as well window users must ensure that they have selected the proper accounting type on the users machine i.e. Network vs. Standard Accounting.

Solution 3:- Verify User ID and Account

You should try to check the “User ID” and “Account ID” which have been inputted, that is too proper correct.

However, in any case, if you need to change your password for the Xerox printer driver, then you can do it easily just by accessing through the Xerox printer properties. Then follow the steps to do this task.

  • Hit on the “Configuration” tab.
  • Then select the account mode to “User”.
  • Click on “Detailed User Settings”.
  • Change the password details as per instructions from your printer administrator.

Check the Error Code 016-757 is resolved, if not, then go to the next solution.

Solution 3:- Entered Default Password

You can enter the correct password or default password i.e. Default 11111.

Solution 4:- Disable Auditron Security Settings

You should try to disable Auditron security settings from the Administrator menu.

Solution 5:- Remove the Print Queue from the Machine

If the Xerox printer problem is still persisting, after performing all the above steps, so then you should try to remove the print queue from the machine and add it back again.

I hope your Xerox problem is resolved.

If you have any doubt to follow the above step, then you should contact Xerox Customer Support professionals for the comprehensive guidance & suggestion.

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