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How to Fix Lexmark 900.57 Firmware Error ?

Lexmark 900.57 Firmware Error

Have you ever used printers with Lexmark? For years, have you been using its printers? Have you ever faced Lexmark 900.57 Firmware Error? This is a common communication error that occurs when the printer receives information from the computer but can not print or perform other functions on Lexmark printers. In this situation, it is best to contact your Internet Service Provider ( ISP) first and to verify your network link. If the internet connexion is working correctly, then there is a possibility of a Lexmark printer 900 firmware error hardware problem.

Lexmark 900.57 Firmware Error

For professional and home-based users, printers have been like a blessing. It is considered to be the most useful system after computers, with the invention of multi-function printers. There are a number of brands available on the market, and Lexmark with its printers stands among the most popular brands , especially for their versatile quality printing.

Let’s solve the problem and check if it can easily be solved at home or at the office. Find out how to patch a firmware error of 900 on Lexmark printers

What is Lexmark firmware error 900.57 ?

The Lexmark firmware error 900.57 is the Hexadecimal format of the error caused. Used by Windows and other Windows compatible software and driver vendors, this is a common error code format.

The provider uses this code to describe the error that was caused. This 900.57 Firmware Error Lexmark error code has a technical description and a numeric error number. In certain instances, the error might have more parameters in the format 900.57 Firmware Error Lexmark .This extra hexadecimal code is the address of the location of the memory where the instruction(s) were loaded at the time of the error.

Causes of 900.57 firmware error Lexmark printer

The 900.57 Firmware Error Lexmark printer error may be caused by windows system files damage. The corrupted system files entries can be a real threat to the well being of your computer.

There may be many events that may have resulted in errors in the system files. Incomplete installation, incomplete un-installation, inappropriate removal of hardware or software. If your computer is recovered from a virus or adware / spyware attack or through an improper shutdown of the computer, it can also be caused. All of the above activation’s can result in entries in Windows system files being deleted or corrupted. This corrupted machine file would lead to the missing and wrongly related details.

Update your printer’s firmware level

If the level of the firmware code on the Lexmark printer is obsolete, the code loaded on the scanner communication card will not be supported. You need to ensure that the firmware of the printer is at the stage of P128.

  • Go to Menu button on printer display.
  • Just click Reports.
  • Now press Menu Settings Page to start printing.
  • Check for firmware level data next to the Base under System Detail.
  • Continue with the next steps if the code level is below P128.
  • For advanced technical support , please contact Lexmark Technical Support if the code level is P128 and above.

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Cross-check using the Embedded Web Server (EWS)

  • Use the Ethernet cable to connect the printer to an Internet network.
  • Launch Internet Explorer or open up Chrome from Google.
  • Type the printer’s IP address into the browser’s address field.
    Only click Reports.
  • Furthermore, click on System Details and check whether the printer firmware is at level P128.

Download and Update the latest firmware code

  • Visit the Lexmark Aid website
  • Click on the Support & Downloads link on the left.
  • Type your printer model in the Search window, for example, Lexmark T652 or T652.
  • Tap the Updates tab and look for the new update of Firmware.
  • If there is a new version, press the Download button and save the file to your desktop PC.
  • Click on the downloaded file, follow the instructions below, and install the firmware for the modified printer.
  • Restart the PC once the installation is complete,

Call for Fix Lexmark PCL XL Driver 900.44, 900.57′, or ‘900.00’ Firmware Error

Printer Support

If the Lexmark PCL XL Driver 900.44, 900.57′, or ‘900.00’ Firmware Error is still coming up, For expert assistance, it is recommended to contact Lexmark Technical Support. Keep your printer ‘s model form and serial number (SN) handy when calling the technical support team of Lexmark printers.

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How to Fix Lexmark pro 800 900 Printhead Error

If you are having print quality issues or are experiencing printhead error messages, then you may have been crushed by a printhead problem affecting a limited number of Lexmark devices. To Fix Lexmark pro 800 900 Printhead Error is a really simple process for users, if they encountered such type of problem, by applying the Lexmark printer troubleshooting methods or steps, as suggested by the Lexmark tech support team. So, you can efficiently solve this Lexmark pro800 Printhead Error by putting on the few methods that are given below to get rid of this circumstance easily.



Methods to Fix Lexmark pro 800 900 Printhead Error

There are two troubleshooting guide options if you encounter Lexmark pro800 Printhead Error, to fix it quickly.

Method 1:-Clean the Printhead

To do this, perform the steps below:-

Step 1:- Go to “Replace Printhead” in the Menu on the Lexmark Printer

First of all, you need to go to “Replace Printhead” in the menu on the Lexmark Printer.

For touchscreen-capable models:-

  1. First, touch Ink Level Icons (lower right corner).
  2. Then press “More Options”.
  3. Next, scroll menu down to “Replace Printhead”.

For all other models:-

  1. Press “Wrench” (setup/tool) button.
  2. Then, scroll to “Maintenance Menu”.
  3. Next, check “OK” button.
  4. Then scroll to “Replace Printhead” option.
  5. Check “OK” button.

Step 2:- Open the Lexmark Printer and Lift the Latch

Then you will need to open the Lexmark printer and lift the latch.

Note: You will necessity to press the front part of the carrier to release the latch. Your printer may not look exactly like the image above, but the printhead removal steps should be similar.

Step 3:- Lift the Printhead Out of the Lexmark Printer

Lift the printhead out of the printer carrier.

Step 4:- Clean the Contacts on the Printhead

Clean the contacts on the printhead carrier. This is the frame (and associated contacts) within the printer itself, from which you just removed the printhead.

Step 5:- Wipe the Printhead Contacts

The next step you will need to wipe the printhead contacts, you can do it by using a clean, lint-free cloth.

Note: – You will have to be very careful when this step does, ensure you don’t have a need to touch the ink nozzles and especially DO NOT WIPE them.

Step 6:- Firmly re-insert the Printhead

Then you will need to firmly re-insert the Printhead, and then close the latch until it clicks.

Note: Make sure you press down and back on the Printhead after you have latched it in to make certain that it is tight.

Step 7:- Close the Cover

  • Last, you need to do to lower the latch and close the cover.
  • Try to do your task, and observe the error is removed.

If removing and reinserting the printhead does not resolve the error, then proceed to method 2.

Method 2:- Firmware Update

It is recommended to update the printer firmware to the latest version, if not 11-25-10 or greater.

To do this, follow these steps:-

  • First, download the latest printer firmware via going to the Lexmark Support website.
  • Then, enter your printer model in the “What is your product?” field, then click “Submit” button.
  • Next, download the latest printer firmware according to your printer. For Laser devices and Inkjet devices, there will be various firmware option display.
  • Follow the download process, by clicking on the “Download” button, and then save the file on your desktop.
  • After downloading open the save file & run (or Open for .zip content) the file.
  • Once you have the latest firmware downloaded, you should go to work again.

The Lexmark Pro800 Printhead Error should be removed.

In case, the error still persists or if you are having difficulties performing the update, then please connect to our Lexmark service center for immediate help.

Call Lexmark Customer Care Number +1-855-847-1975 for Help:-

Brother Printer Support

We are renowned Lexmark support service providers who are happy help customer’s in explaining the finest solutions of complicated issues faced by them while working with the printer. Our Lexmark printer service number +1-855-847-1975 is accessible 24*7 hours with trustworthy service solutions being delivered to users. A team of well-qualified and certified technicians helps you in fixing any kind of Lexmark printer technical issues or errors, with the optimized answers within a defined timeline. Hence, call to our experts now at calling on a toll-free number to solve Lexmark printer queries faster.


How to Fix Lexmark e260dn error lights

You need to have proper knowledge about the printer’s Lexmark e260dn light codes to understand the LED notifications. A tech expert will have the idea of what malfunction is being notified by the device. You will obviously ask for a professional hand to the rescue of your printer issue. Call us at the Lexmark Support number to satisfy all the queries you have regarding Lexmark e260dn error lights.


Lexmark is an American information technology company that operates internationally in the field of computer solutions and office solutions. Still, The company builds various appliances such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, all-in-one printers, etc. One of the most popular printers manufactured by the company is Lexmark e260dn. The printer comes with a unique LED notification panel that indicates the status of different components of the printer which comes very handy when a fault occurs with the printers.

Take a look at the importance of Lexmark e260dn Light error notifications:

Lexmark has placed an LED notification panel on the printers to let the technical teams easily interpret the errors occurring with the device. The notification lights can indicate problems like:

  •         Low level of ink toner in the printer
  •         Life warning of Photo Conductor kit of the printer
  •         If the Photo Conductor Kit needs to be replaced
  •         The ink cartridge errors in the printer
  •         The printer will not print till the counter is replaced
  •         Paper jamming occurred in the printer

Call our professionals for affordable Lexmark printer Support Number +1-855-847-1975

Brother Printer Support

Accordingly, Our experts know what light indicators can mean. Our professionals are well aware of the places to look for errors when a certain light is showing on the printer. Call us at the Lexmark Support +1-855-847-1975 to know more about the light notifications of your Lexmark e260dn.