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how to Fix Brother Printer Error ts-07

How to Fix Brother Printer Error ts-07?

Many times, users reported facing an Error ts-07 with their Brother Printer, while working.  An error code TS-07 means the Brother printer cannot detect a WLAN access point or router that has WPS or AOSS™ enabled. So, if you are one of those users, who are facing the same error or viewing an error message that says “Connection: Failed (Error: TS-07) on the WLAN”? If yes, then don’t take tension about it, as you can easily Fix Brother Printer Error ts-07.

Therefore, Brother Printer is one of the high-quality printers, which has excellent features. It provides the finest printing experience to the home, business, or office users. So, if any users are confronted with any sort of technical issues/errors with their Brother Printer, so they can get immediate solutions efficiently, just by connecting to our experienced and certified Brother Printer Technical Support experts.

Well, here the blog will guide you on how to troubleshoot Brother Printer Error ts-07 with the simple steps.

What is Brother Printer error TS-07?

There are lots of errors which we can see occurring in brother printers. TS-07 is also one of those errors that occur in the brother printer. When your brother printer is unable to detect a WLAN access point or a router which has enabled the WPS or AOSS, then this error is indicated with the error code TS-07. You can easily solve this issue with the help of Brother Printer Support. There are some easy steps by following which you can solve this issue by yourself.

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error ts-07 :-

Step 1: Check Your WLAN Access Point/Router

First, you have to verify your WLAN access point/router that has the WPS or AOSS™ symbol. You can take clear understanding about by viewing the below picture in order to confirm your WLAN access point/router is supported WPS or AOSS™.

If step 1 does not work, then follow to the next step2.

Step 2: Configure Your Wireless Settings

  1. You should configure your Brother Printer for a wireless network/setting by using automatic wireless mode (WPS or AOSS™).
  2. Make sure that you must operate both your Brother Printer and the WLAN access point/router.
  • First, you have to configure your brother printer with a wireless network.
  • Then set your printer within the range of the router.
  • After you set your brother printer within the accessible range, now you have to press Menu.
  • By scrolling down in the menu, reach the network button and click “OK”.
  • Next, you have to choose that WLAN and then click “OK”.
  • Now, you have to Choose WPS or AOSS and then click “OK”.
  • You can see now that enabled WLAN is displayed. You have to accept it so that you can start a wireless wizard.
  • Hold down the access point or the router for few seconds until the machine displays by asking you to start AODD or WPS.
  • When you click “OK”, it helps you to connect with the network by automatically detecting what mode your access point is.
  • Proceed to the next step when you see the printer you get the ACK on the screen.
  • Repeat the process again if your printer is not working.

If you have any confusion about how you can operate your WLAN access point/router using WPS or AOSS, then you can gain the complete instruction & guidance through instant connection with our Brother Printer Customer Support team, who is always available for your assistance.

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