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How to Fix Brother Printer Offline Status Error

Like computers, Printers are also a piece of complex hardware components. To handle such advanced features, Brother Printer Support Number  +1-888-302-0939 proffers the best platform. Whether it is to Fix Brother Printer Offline Status Error  or any complex glitches, the team will support you.

Efficacious Step By Step Solutions to Fix Brother Printer Offline Status Error

With the right approach, you can control such error in no spare time. But as the error is mechanical, it is better to go with the blog. Else Brother Customer Support Service is the best way to resolve such problems without any hassles.

  • Firstly check your printer connection, restart the printer by turning its power off and turning back its power again.
  • If this doesn’t work, go straight to the windows option available, click on it and simultaneously click on the devices. Go to the devices and printers option and right click on the green check marked device, which will then give you a pop-up table with a ‘See what’s printing’ option. Click on it and as it appears grey, click on the ‘Set as default printer.’ Then right-click on ‘See what’s printing’ again and then go to the printer option available at the toolbar. If you can find a blue tick mark on the options ‘Pause printing’ and ‘use printer offline,’ remove it and this may help you in resolving your problem.
  • Updating your printer driver is also necessary to avoid the occurrence of an error. Not always your printer matches with your system. To check this, you need to go to your device’s option and click on the ‘devices and printers.’ then click on the green checked marked device and go to the option ‘remove a device.’ By clicking ‘ok’ you can remove your device and update it by visiting a technician, who will guide you for updating your driver. An outdated driver may cause an offline status error in your brother printer.

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