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Easy Way to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error

A drum entirety is a subsistence part of your Brother printer that you will sometimes require to replace but not as frequently as a toner ink cartridge. Brother Printer Drum Error is one of the common issues that Brother printer users face at least once.

A drum entirety is a green alloy barrel or tubing that conveys a static electrical charge to draw the toner particles from the toner ink cartridge. It also connects it to the printing page as it progresses through the printer. Hence, you may see that the drum entirety is very near to or even has a connection to the toner ink cartridge. Moreover, if you encounter any more problems with the drum unit, contact Brother printer support.

Why Do You Face Brother Printer Drum Error Frequently?

Ink and toner cartridges along with the drum assemblies, contain chips on them. Necessarily, these pieces are a system for the toner cartridges and drum assemblies to recognize themselves with the printer after their installation.

Still, some Brother drum assemblies do not contain these. And that is the problem with the drum assembly. Without the chip, the drum assembly cannot link itself to the Brother printer in any way. Due to this, you might see the “Replace Drum” report as your printer behaves the way it will act when the installation is not complete.

How Can You Repair The Brother Printer Drum Error?

Here are some ways to fix the Brother printer issue.

Find, Eliminate And Replace The Drum Unit

  • To find the drum assembly, you can directly open the front cover of your Brother printer and look for the toner ink cartridges. You can see that the drum assembly has a connection to the toner ink cartridge either above or below.
  • Try pulling any green toner locking bars below to loosen the ink cartridge. After that gently lift the ink cartridge towards yourself and finally pull it out of the device.
  • Implant the toner cartridge on a flat shielded facade.
  • You can see a green bar on the toner ink cartridges. You can press it to lift the toner cartridge from the drum assembly.
  • After that, you can replace the drum unit, and you can lock the toner back into its place above the new drum.
  • Finally, insert both the toner and the drum back into your Brother printer.

Clear The Replace Drum Message By Resetting The Counter

You can also reset your printer and make it operate it again.

Firstly, turn on the printer. Press on the “Clear” option after that. You can see the number “1” flashing. Press number 1. Make sure that now you are viewing the “Accepted” message on display. Performing this simple step can solve your issue in no time.

Dial Brother Support Number +1-844-997-0355 for Instant Help

For any further installation or drum unit errors, you can head over to the Brother customer service unit. Whenever you face complex issues with Brother printer, Brother Printer Support team will be there to guide you. It is not always possible to fix all the problems. That’s why tech support guides are there. Avail diligent Brother printer fixes by availing of any one medium of communication. 

Call at Brother customer service number to explain your difficulties to the guides so that they can fix the issue.

Also, you can mail at Brother’s authorized mail ID to do the same. Avail great hacks. Support techies are just a call away. Again, there is a Live Chat facility also. Techies are 24*7 working, and they will remain online all the time. They will resolve the Brother printer drum error in just a few minutes.


How to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error?

Fix Brother Printer Drum Error:

Let’s start and see how brother printer drum mistake can be fixed. In brother printers, there may be two methods to fix the drum mistake. One is to solve the drum mistake specifically, while the other is to substitute the entire Brother printer device entirely.

Brother printers have slightly distinct parts, including the toner cartridge and the drum unit, unlike other printers. When necessary, make sure that you replace the printer’s drum unit and not the section of the cartridge.

Step by Step Manual for Resolving Brother Printer Drum Error: Follow the directions below to solve your printer machine’s drum error.

Step 1: First, open your Brother printer’s front cover.
Step 2: There is a Clean button at the top of the button. Once click the button.
Step 3: Click the Start button on the top of your printer next to the green color portion.
Step 4: You will notice that your printer’s display screen is switched off. If so, click the Plus (+) button 10 or 11 times over and over again.
Step 5: Now, press your printer’s Ok button. A timely screen displaying the sign’ Please wait’ will be triggered.
Step 6: Close the printer front cover closely once all the above steps have been finished.

This will ultimately solve the Brother Laser Drum Drum Error. You can print the desired number of copies of your required documents once the printer error has been resolved.

How to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error or’ Replace Drum ‘ error be dealt with?

You will receive an error message saying the Drum Error in most instances. You have to open the device and bring out the middle of the cartridge to set a replace the old drum and set a fresh drum.

• You’ll see two equipment here, one of which is what you call a drum and the other is a toner cartridge. Use the red tab to release the toner cartridge from the drum while lifting the toner cartridge out.
• Now, the old drum can be replaced by the new one. Remember that the original toner cartridge has been placed back to its location. Ensure that a click sound is produced. Also, slide the blue tab for two or three times to clean the corona wire.
• Finally, adjust back to its location in the entire printer unit. Whenever you reset the count of the drum on such a multi-functional device, you must click the transparent button back. In addition, a timely message is displayed as “Replace Drum.”
• Choose 1 Yes choice. That’s the simplest way to reset and solve the drum mistake of the brother printer.

Brother, the printer brand, always advises using real Brother drum units for their home and work apps. Their laser printers are designed to perform printing at a defined room temperature that is tuned compatible with each kind of the specific toner specifications.

Each printer element is intended with safety, quality and reliability in mind. Using non-branded materials while replacing the printer drum can have a serious impact on the performance, print quality and consistency of the machine of the entire hardware.
A significant point to note is that the warranty card you receive from the initial printer does not apply to any problems or mistakes created by the use of unapproved third-party drum units or toner cartridges.

Hope this answer is useful to fix the drum error of the brother printer.

24*7 Customer Supports via Brother Printer Customer Service Number:

We are a team of industry professionals available 24*7. Brother Printer Customer Service Number is a toll free number that resolve all your technical glitches. Whenever you get struck in the middle of a urgent printer work, the team will help you out. You do not have to roam here and there, as we deliver one stop solution for many printer errors. Hence call in the toll free number to get personalized results.

Dial +1-844-997-0355 for How do i fix a “replace drum” message & clear the message ‘Drum Error ‘ .


How to clear Drum Error, Slide Green Tab Message in Brother Printer?

Even this famous printer not free from errors and gives frequent errors. To its users such as Drum Error or Slide The Green Tab error. In case you have encountered Drum Error, Slide Green Tab Message in Brother Printer feel free to connect Brother Printer Support. To avail quick and easy recovery solutions from them.

When does the Drum Error or Slide the Green Tab message appear?

This error message generally appears when the drum unit is not cleaned for long. It has reached its expiry level and needs to be replaced with a new one. Regular cleaning of the drum unit can initially help to prevent. This error message from arising in between your critical printing job.

How to clear ‘Drum Error, Slide Green Tab’ of Brother Printer?

  1. Take out the drum-toner assembly
  2. Slide the Green tab mildly from side to side several times to clean the primary corona wire and return. it to the home position at the far left
  3. Reinstall the drum unit
  4. Repeat the steps for all other color drum units

If you are still getting the error codes after applying the steps mentioned above. You can connect with our experts who are ready to guide you with best in class support solutions.

Grab 24*7 Brother Printer Support Number For Immediate Solution:

You are requested to dial at our toll-free Brother printer support number +1-844-997-0355 as soon as you find the Drum error or Slide the Green Tab error on your Brother printer to avail perfect solutions from our experts.


How to Fix Drum Error in Brother Printer?

Drum in a laser printer receives an image from the laser and transfer it to the paper to produce a print. Brother machine detects the quality deterioration of the drum unit displays a message saying “Replace Drum”  on your device’s display.

Well, Fix Drum Error in Brother Printer is not such a difficult task for users, if you face such type of error. Dial Brother Printer Technical Support Number ++1-844-997-0355. Below we have expert guidelines applied to easily assist users to overcome the aforesaid technical error.


An effective solution to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error

This blog post will help you to fix Brother Printer Drum Error in Brother Printer.
You need to choose the model number and other details to resolve such error codes which interrupt your work. You can also avail help from Brother Printer Customer Care Service to know more about the process.

  • Open the top cover and slowly take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly
  • Push down the lock cover and take the toner cartridge out from the drum unit
  • Unpack the new drum unit and put the toner cartridge firmly inside it until you hear it lock into place
  • Open the front cover and press and hold OK for 2 seconds
  • Press Up arrow key to reset the drum counter

Grab 24*7 Brother Printer Tech Support Services to fix Brother Printer Drum Error.

In case you fail to resolve the error by yourself, give our experts a chance to offer you an unmatched experience by selecting us as your printer repair partner. Customers are always welcome to approach us at Brother Printer Tech Support Number which is available 24/7 hours in order to deliver them a perfect blend of a solution. So, feel free to call us anytime and get appropriate guidance to resolve more such issues with solutions delivered at your desk.


How to Resolve Brother Printer Drum Error Code 4f?

As you turn on your printer, out of nowhere you face drum error code 4f. If you are experiencing the same issue while printing, make a call at Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-844-997-0355 . You can Resolve Brother Printer Drum Error Code 4f super easily.

There are an ample number of causes behind this error. Any issues may later turn into drum error code 4f if not taken care of in time. Nevertheless, the main problem behind this error is a failure in connection of the carriage. Likewise head flat cable or head flat also makes this error code to pop up. The other issues includes defective print head, defective power supply PCB, and defective main PCB and so on. The follow Brother Printer models seem to affected by this error on large:

  • Brother multifunction printers
  • Shading laser printers
  • Inkjet Printers

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Drum Error Code 4f:

There is nothing to worry about when you face this error. Simple and easy solutions are all you need to deal with drum error code 4f. This blog will help you to get rid of Brother Printer error unable to init 4f. Brother mfc j615w unable to print 4f results into the following issues:

  • Slow performance
  • Broken ink prints
  • Not taking the print commands properly

You can also connect with Brother Printer Support to know about this error better.

Solution1: Check for Paper Jam

First you need to check whether any foreign object or piece of papers is struck inside the printer or not. Look closely and remove all the unwanted objects that may create disruption. It often results in poor performance of the print. So take the paper pieces out in meantime to repair this error.

Solution2: Move the Print head

Whenever and wherever you have this error, you must have a look on the print head. Always make sure whether the print head is moving properly or on. Move it and check underneath to resolve this type of error.

Solution3: A part is defective

Check the other parts of printer whether they are defected or not. Make sure that the carriage, main boards are working properly.

For assistance, make a call at Brother Printer Customer Service Number

When you find no other way to out while having a printer error, go through the toll free number. Brother Printer Customer Service Number comprises industry professional for reliable support. We take no time to resolve any types of Brother Printer Errors with our 24*7 availability. We help you save you time and money. And lead you in the right direction. Hence make a call and have e world class experience.