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Ultimate Guide to Fix Machine Error AF on Brother Printers

Brother is a Japanese multinational corporation that is famous in the field of Information Technology and computer solutions. The company manufactures high-quality printers, fax machines, scanners, desktop computers and other appliances that make work faster, smarter and easier. Brother printers have various advanced features like efficient print, ink and toner saving, sharp scan lens, and LED notification panels, etc.

However, these advanced features are still in the developmental phase and require timely check-ups and proper maintenance to deliver the best performance. One of the most reported error is Machine Error AF on Brother Printers. The error indicates that there might be a paper jammed inside the print mechanism between the fuser rollers. You need to opt for expert assistance to resolve the matter. Call us at the Brother Printer Support number and avail premium quality services for your printer.


Take a look at machine error AF:

Brother printer indicates Machine error AF when there is some paper jamming issue with the printer. Sometimes it might show a false error due to any sensor malfunctioning. You can try and reset your printer to see if the problem is resolved by using these steps:

  1. You have to  turn your Brother printer off
  2. Then press and hold the GO button located on your Brother printer
  3. Then turn your printer on while holding down the go button
  4. When the lights start blinking, press and release the go button ten times
  5. The last step is to see if the printer indicates that it is ready to print

If the problem persists, you have to consult a tech professional to get accurate methods to resolve the error.

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Call Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-844-997-0355 (toll-free)

Brother Printer Support

We understand that it is necessary to have a functional printer in your workplace. You can get all the help you need to fix your printer by calling us at our Brother Support. We offer accurate solutions for every printer worry that you face.


How to Put Paper in a Brother Printer?

Subsequently, Brother printers stand out among all the top printer brands across the world as it offers robust built-in features and robust quality. Every printer need to be filled up with a new set of papers after a specific interval and Brother printers also require the same to ensure its continuous performance. But sometimes you might find some difficulties in filling up the paper tray and need guidance from a Brother Printer Support. Our experienced professionals can guide you the best to Put paper in a Brother Printer in a correct way.

Basic steps to put paper in a Brother printer tray

  1.     Unfold the paper output support flap
  2.    Take out the paper tray completely out of the machine
  3.     Shake a small pack of papers several times which will help to separate the sheets
  4.     Lay the stack of paper completely flat on the paper tray
  5.     Adjust the paper guides by pressing down on the blue lever to accommodate the height and length of the paper you are using
  6.     Place the paper tray back into the printer

Therefore, While applying the above-mentioned steps to load a stack of papers in the printer, you might come across Paper feeding issues. Some of the issues are mentioned below.

  1. Paper draw- The printer fails to draw the paper from the tray due to incorrect placement of the papers within the tray. Changing the position of the paper might help to prevent this issue.
  2. Paper jam- It mainly occurs due to putting too thick or too small paper which is not supported by the printer. Replacing the paper stack with a new one with proper thickness can help to overcome this error.

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Place a call at our Brother tech support number to avail instant solutions. Drop a mail and one of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.


How to Check the Toner Level on a Brother Printer?

Subsequently, Printers developed by Brother are pretty reputed for their top-quality prints and fast printing capabilities. If you too are a Brother printer user, you are quite familiar with their top-grade features. But problems with Brother printers are too quite common and can happen for the simplest of reasons. If you have ink related problems and want to Check the Toner Level on a Brother Printer, we have got you covered

Ink Related Brother Printer Issues

Moreover, Ink-related problems are quite common and can happen for the simplest of issues with cartridges. From connectivity related problems to carriage related errors, a lot can contribute to the issue and stop your flow of work. Often the printer software has issues identifying the onboard empty cartridge/toner. Brother printers have four separate cartridges with separate inks but the low ink LED indicator does not tell you which one is empty.

Are you wondering “how do I Check the Toner Level on a Brother Printer?”

 You can follow these steps to identify the empty cartridge/toner creating the problem.

  • Access the Brother Printer Control Centre. If you can’t locate the option in the start menu, type in the name in the available search field and initiate the program.
  • When the Brother Printer Control Panel has completely loaded, click on the Device Settings button.
  • Next, click on the icon that says Ink Level. This will generate a printer icon in your taskbar.

Therefore, Click on the newly available Printer Icon and will open a new window showing a graphical representation of the installed toners. Now you will easily be able to see the level of ink available on each cartridge.

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Problems with Brother printer can happen anytime and give you different kinds of troubles. If you are not able to work with above steps and need help for resolving the problems we are always here to help. Contact our Brother Printer Support number team of experts and we will take care of the rest accordingly.



How to clean error in Brother Printer?

Brother printer is a well-known printer brand which provides top-notch printing quality along with long shelf life. It is the highest used printer in the world, and thus it requires routine maintenance to ensure its excellent performance in the long run. But multiple error codes might arise during the routine maintenance process which can be easily solved by our highly skilled experts. You can connect with us by calling at our toll-free Brother printer support to overcome all errors during the maintenance process. Our experts are good enough to a Clean error in Brother Printer error.

What is “Unable to clean” error in Brother printer?

During routine maintenance of Brother printer, multiple error codes occur such as unable to copy, unable to print, unable to scan, unable to change, unable to install, unable to load papers and many more. “Unable to clean” is a common message which might arise due to many reasons. Quick tips to troubleshoot “Unable to clean” message of Brother printer

To overcome these error message, you can apply some basic guidelines below:

  1. Check whether any foreign object such as a paper clip or a scrap of paper is there inside the printer
  2. Are you encountering the error?, there might be a mechanical problem in the printer Contact with Brother Printer Support.
  3. The problem is again appearing, you need to move the print head to check if any foreign object is there under the print head.
  4. If the problem persists, check whether the printer has any fax in its memory and transfer it to any other printer. Then disconnect the printer from the power source and reconnect it after few minutes.

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Dial Brother printer support number to avail expert help. Our experienced professionals have vast experience in fixing all kind of errors related to Brother printer be it a performance error or an error code during the routine maintenance process.


How to Fix Brother Error AF?

Have you encountered Brother Machine error af issue with your printer? Is your Brother Printer out of warranty? Receiving messages like ‘Scan Unable AF’ or ‘Machine Error AF’? Let us help you with How to Fix Brother Printer AF. Like computers, Printers are also a piece of complex hardware components. To handle such advanced features, Brother Printer Support Number  +1-844-997-0355 proffers the best platform. Whether it is to Fix Brother Error AF or any complex glitches, the team will support you.

If mechanical malfunction takes place, your printer acts weirdly. Brother Printer Error or Scan Error AF shows that some wire related or complex technical blunder has happened. Though such error has no specific explanation, you need to do a thorough research. Before starting any troubleshooting process, you need to be sure what is causing you the error.

Basically, the message ‘Scan Unable AF’ or ‘Machine Error Brother Printer AF’ occurs if there is a mechanical malfunction of the Brother Printer or paper has got jammed in between the fuser rollers. Moreover, the printer may make a grinding sound while trying to move the scan bar. It means the CIS scanner is not in right position because of a broken scanner flat cable, or a loose flat cable or a defective PCB.

Efficacious Step By Step Solutions to Fix Brother Printer Machine Error AF

The error may seem to tangle. But with the right approach, you can control such error in no spare time. But as the error is mechanical, it is better to go with the blog. Else Brother Customer Support Service is the best way to resolve such problems without any hassles.

  • Whenever this error appears, the first thing that you need to do is to check whether the scanner flat cable is connected to the main PCB.
  • Change the carts after opening the printer scanner cover.
  • Next you need to unlock the blue support. And thus lean the scanner towards a support (“L”) open the small cover. You can find it in the middle and goes to the left side.
  • Fix the main circuit board which is rested beneath scanner. There is a white flat cable that needs to be fixed.

Transfer faxes to your PC: Brother Error AF

  1. First of all, press Stop/Exit.
  2. After that, press Menu, 2 (Fax), 6 (Remote Fax Opt), 2 (PC Fax Receive).
  3. Now you need to press ▲ or ▼ to select On and then press OK.
  4. Furthermore, a reminder to start the PC Fax Receive program on your computer will appear. Press OK.
  5. In addition, press ▲ or ▼ to select USB or your computer name if the machine is connected to a network and then Press OK.
  6. Your machine’s display will ask if you want to send a fax to your PC.
    1. To transfer all the faxes in memory, press 1.
    2. To exit and leave the faxes in memory, press 2.
  7. Your machine’s display will read “Backup Print”; press ▲ or ▼ to select On or Off.
  8. Press Stop/Exit.
  9. In conclusion, go to Warranty and Service Options.

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