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How To Fix brother printer paper jam inside?

Brother printer is the worldwide famous printer brand due to having high-quality printing and many more exciting features. Still, errors are bound to happen in any electronic device. Paper jam issue is the most common error to occur in Brother printer, and it becomes much more critical when you encounter paper jam issue even when there is no paper inside the printer. If you require assistance to Fix brother printer paper jam inside the issue, your search can end with our best Brother Printer Support.

What is Paper Jam issue in the printer?

This error generally occurs when a paper gets stuck into a printer. The paper needs to be properly remove to make the printer functional again. Sometimes you might receive the “Paper Jam” message even after removing the paper from the printer. Due to dust accumulation, damage in the spooler or any other reason. This is the time you require experts solutions which can be provided by our experts.

Quick guidelines to resolve “Paper Jam” issue with no paper inside the printer

  • Open the scanner cover
  • Check the position of the printhead
  • Unplug your Brother printer from the AC power outlet
  • Move the print head gently to check if any small piece of paper or any other object is there inside the device and remove it immediately with the help of tweezers.
  • Close the scanner cover and plug the power cord back into the AC power outlet

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How to Resolve brother all the LEDs lights flashing together.

Brother Printer All Lights Flashing – This is caused commonly when your Brother Printer is  interrupted your printing session. Continuous blinking or flashing lights is a signal that the printer is not working properly. When your printer confronts red status, amber paper, drum lights, toner all the lights are flashing together, the printer turns off and then on again for no reason. An error message appears on the display screen, saying “LEDs lights flashing together”. Furthermore, you should not risk the Printer security and follow these solution steps to fix your Printer Error All Lights Flashing issue.. They help you to Resolve brother all the LEDs lights flashing together.

Effective Solutions to Resolve brother all the LEDs lights flashing together:

Brother Printer All Lights Flashing – At the point when every one of the lights is blazing together, turn the printer power OFF, hold up 5 seconds and afterward turn the printer control ON once more.

There are various ways to handle this error. But complexity may give you stress and anxiety. So it is better to stick to the blog to avoid unwanted hassles. Else Brother Printer Customer Care Service Number is a better idea to deal with such situations.

  • Switch off your Brother Printer.
  • Press the GO button and hold for a few seconds. Simultaneously, turn on your printer.
  • Release the GO button until the toner light flashes.
  • Once again press and hold the GO button until the paper light is on.
  • Now release the button and check if the problem is gone.

Brother HL-5370DW – All lights flash in unison

Have a Brother HL-5370DW that went to flashing all the lights. According to a printer repair place I called, they said that it usually means either the power supply or the main board needs replaced. Brother says its out of warranty, though the service guy gave me the impression that Brother had some issues with these and extended warranty on certain things.

Id just take it to the repair place, but the closest place I can find is over an hour away. So I thought I might do a little research to see if I can just do it myself – which lead me to this place.

So it appears, I need to know how to test the power supply for the printer, to know if its bad or not, and if not, then I guess order a main board for it. I had hoped to find some more info online, but I guess Im not surprised there isnt all that much out there to be found.

Any suggestions for finding info on testing the power supply, or input on the best way to proceed with diagnostics?

Presently, when you power on the printer, the fans come on, the lights on the display light as normal, then they go out and then the status light goes green for a split second, and then they all start flashing in unison – which in Brother terms

Brother HL-2170,2130 – All Four Lights Flashing

All four lights flashing on a Brother HL-2130 means a severe fault with the printer. You can discover what the actual problem is by pressing the Go button on the printer.

The lights on the printer should change:

  • Just the error light means a main PCB failure.
  • Just the toner light means a fuser unit failure.
  • Just the drum light means a laser unit failure.
  • Toner and error light means main motor failure.
  • Toner and drum light means high voltage failure.
  • Drum and error light means fan failure.
  • Toner, drum and error light means Zero Cross failure. Unfortunately it means contacting Brother for a repair.

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