Brother mfc-l8850cdw Wireless Setup

Brother mfc-l8850cdw Wireless Setup

Brother Printer is one of the professional printers offering ultra-HD print quality. This is one of the main office elements, as it allows multifunctional technology to make our job more smooth. It is however important to set up the printer to access the computer at the very first. There are multiple users who have acquired Brother Printer but are incapable of running a whole setup. So, if you’re one of them, and you’re searching for a full guidebook to perform a Brother mfc-l8850cdw Wifi Setup, this article will certainly help you with every possible step. In this article, we will address all possible steps for creating a complete setup for this system as soon as possible.


Steps to Create a Complete Setup for Brother mfc-l8850cdw Wifi Setup:

We have arranged some successful measures to create Brother mfc-l8850cdw Wireless Setup. We advise you to take all the measures prominently to set up a full setup of your Brother Printer.

Step 1: Load the Paper in Paper Tray

The initial step you will take is to load the paper onto your Brother Printer MFC L8850-CDW in the paper tray. Several of the steps below are to do so.

  1. At first, carefully remove the packaging material from the machine, and remove the paper tray from the machine to load paper entirely.
  2. Now, change the paper tray according to the paper size and open the paper tray cover from the upper left corner. To disable it absolutely click the slider button on the left side of the cover.
  3. Push the paper side guides gently and move them to adjust the paper size on your Brother printer. Note, make sure the triangular label on the instructions on the paper side is consistent with the markings for the document type you are using.
  4. Fan the paper stack well to avoid paper jams and misfeeds. Make sure every document is not curled inside.
  5. Place the paper gently down into the print side of the paper tray and change the paper side guides to touch the sides of the paper stack.
  6. Verify that the document is up to tray level and below the highest line of document. Do not move the paper too far as paper tray will cause paper jams to raise over.
  7. Remove the paper tray cover and move the paper tray back slowly into the system.
  8. Open the paper output tray and slowly move the paper tray into the machine before it gets locked in place.

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Step 2: Connect the Power Cord and Telephone Line to Turn on the Machine

Now, you need to turn the printer on as you have attached the power cables to the wall socket. Below are some of the steps to do so.

  1. At first, raise the cover of the scanner until it safely locks into the open position and then attach the cord on the telephone line. Attach one end of the phone line cord to the system jack, and the other cord to the machine’s cable channel.
  2. Open the scanner cover and attach the power cord to the wall socket using the folder holders on each side. Tap your Brother’s power button printer to turn on your printer.

Connect Brother mfc-l8850cdw Printer to Wifi, Wireless Network

When you have carefully and correctly completed all of the procedures, you can use your Brother printer without any problems. Hope the article was helpful enough to direct you on how to execute a Brother mfc-l8850cdw setup. If, due to any unforeseen circumstances, you struggle to set up your printer, then you can take the advice or qualified support from an expert.