brother hl-3070cw wireless printer setup

Setup brother hl-3070cw wireless printer

After purchasing a new Brother HL-3070CW printer you will need to set up the computer to take advantage of its unique features. Hence, it is essential that you know the Brother HL-3070CW wireless printer setup.

brother hl-3070cw wifi setup

Here we’ll address the Brother HL-3070CW wireless setup procedure with ease. You need to get hold of your wireless router’s broadcast network settings before configuring the broadcast settings. Check your router’s Network Key (Encryption Key, Security Key, Password) and Network Name (ESSID, SSID) from its side or base.

brother hl-3070cw wireless setup

If you can’t find the Network Key and Network Name at the router ‘s base or hand, you can search the documents that came with your Wireless router. In most cases, the Network Name is the name of the model or the name of the fabricator.

How to Configure the Wireless Settings?

Now, the wireless settings can be modified by doing the following:

  • Attach the AC power cable primarily to the Brother printer. Connect to the power supply, and switch on the computer.
  • Switch Machine On afterwards.
  • Insert CD-ROM into drive CD-ROM. The installation window automatically appears.
  • Select the name of the device from the Printer List. Afterwards, select your preferred language.

Note: If the installation screen does not appear then open the File Explorer and navigate to the section ‘This PC.’ Next, open the DVD/CD drive and double-click the ‘start.exe’ file to open the install window.

  • Now the main menu on the CD-ROM must open. Tap from the list on ‘Load Printer Pilot.’
  • Next, from next screen, click the ‘Wireless Network Users’ option. Tap the ‘Yes’ or ‘Allow’ button from the ‘Control of user account’ window.
  • Tick the box that prompts ‘Wireless Setup and Driver Installation’ once it opens the ‘Windows Installation Type’ window (Recommended).’

After performing the above steps, there are two options you can try. They are:

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Connect brother hl-3070cw printer to wifi

Option 1: 

If you see that the message ‘Temporary using a USB cable (Recommended)’ appears on the next tab, pick it and tap the Next button to start. Afterwards, perform the following steps:

Step 1:

First, you need to make sure you have the security details on broadcast. Then, check the box asking ‘Checked and Validated’ and press the Next button to proceed. Now connect the computer and the Brother Printer to a USB cable.

Step 2:

Afterwards, it can detect the broadcast settings by itself. Now, when you see the ‘Confirmation of Installation’ screen appearing, confirm the displayed details and tick the ‘Verified and Validated’ tab. Press Next button. Now, the Network Name is seen. Click Yes to continue, and then the Next button. Next move on to Step 6.

But if you see the ‘Available Wireless Networks’ screen show, you can see a list of all the wireless networks available here. Choose the Network Name you noted earlier, and click Next. Then, go to Step 4.

If the Network Name is not in the list of available networks, go to Step 3.

Step 3:

If the name SSID or ESSID is not on the list then the following points must be confirmed:

  • Switch it On when the router is switched off.
  • If your printer is too far from the router, or if there is an obstruction, then place the printer as close as possible to the router with minimal obstruction.
  • The Brother HL-3070cw Printer supports the network IEEE 802.11 g and IEEE802.11 g.Hence, you need to make sure that the router supports the IEEE 802.11g and the IEEE802.11g network and one of the networks is enabled.
Step 4:

If the ATTENTION page appears, then you need to configure the security settings of your router to prevent unauthorized access to the network. If you want to configure the security settings of the router later, tap on the Cancel button to close the Wizard. If you want to configure it now, tap on the OK button and go to Step 6.

Step 5:

Provide the previously noted network key, and tap the Next button to continue.

Step 6:

Now, you need to ensure the settings are correct. Then tap on the Next button. The settings will be sent to the printer.

  • Tap the ‘Update IP Address’ option if you wish to change the IP address. Then manually configure the new IP Address.
  • Tap the Cancel button, and the settings will be disabled.

Step 7: 

When the ‘Disconnect Your System and Monitor’ screen appears, the USB cable can be disconnected from both devices. You will receive a confirmation message thereafter.

Now, to complete this procedure, install the driver for network connection.

Option 2: 

If you see the ‘Step by Step install (Recommended)’ message appears on the next screen, click on it and tap on the Next button to continue. Afterward, you can follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

Select the choice ‘With cable (recommended)’ from the next screen and then tap the Next button to start. Using a network cable connect the printer to the access point. To proceed further click on the Next button.

Step 2:

Pick the printer you want to set up, and click the Next button. If you see the list is blank, you can check if On is powered by the printer and the access point. Afterward, tap on the Refresh button to continue.

Step 3:

The wizard will now begin searching for the wireless networks available. Pick the point of access you wish to connect to the printer. Press Next button.

Step 4:

If the ATTENTION window appears then customize the router’s security settings to prevent unauthorized network access. If you wish to configure the router’s security settings, tap the Cancel button. Otherwise, press the OK button, and proceed to step 6.

Step 5:

The ‘Authentication Process and Encryption Mode’ window will open when the network is configured for Encryption and Authentication. You need to match the Encryption and Authentication settings you noted earlier while configuring the printer.

From the drop-down box select the Encryption and Authentication method. Then type the Network Key and press Next button to proceed.

Step 6:

Now, put some papers inside the printer’s paper tray. Confirm correct settings, and tap Next button. The printer will now print the Configuration page for the network.

  • To do so, click on the ‘Change IP Address’ option to change the IP address.
  • Clicking on the Cancel button disables the settings
Step 7: 

Select the status ‘Link Ok’ from the ‘Wireless Link Status’ section, and click Next. Now, the network cable can be disconnected from both the devices.

After you have received the confirmation letter, install the network link driver and complete the installation process, following the on-screen guidance.

Brother Printer Support

Congratulations!  If you have followed the steps accurately, you have successfully setup Brother HL-3070CW wireless printer and connect brother hl-3070cw printer to wifi.

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