Best Easy steps for installing Brother Printer without a CD-ROM?

Brother printers are designed for both the purposes: home as well as office. Printers originally come with CD-ROM with specific software and drivers to enable a smooth use of in a computer. But what if it comes with misplaced CD-ROM? Don’t worry, the printer can still be installed smoothly. PC devices have an automatic capacity to download driver files once the printer is connected to the computer. Well, if the computer still can’t install the printer, the files can be downloaded in a manual way or may be installed from Brother’s official website. Other option like contacting Brother Printer Technical Support Team is highly recommendable for users facing issues in printing.

But as of now, let’s see below few steps for install Brother Printer without a CD-ROM:

Unless you have a very organized computer desk, finding the CD-ROM to install your Brother printer onto a new computer can be a huge trouble. Fortunately, most Brother printer software is available for free download on the company’s website. You can install Brother Printers as long as you have an Internet connection, even if you don’t have the CD-ROM installation.

  • Connect the printer to the PC via a USB or with parallel cable
  • Click on the “Power” button on the Brother printer and you will see a pop-up window appearing in the screen to install the new hardware.
  • Continue to next step
  • Open your browser and visit the official Brother International site
  • Click on the “Support” link at the top of the Brother International home page.
  • Click on the button labeled as “Software Downloads.”
  • Select the option “Printers (HL Series)” from the drop-down menu list.
  • Next, a user needs to locate the model number of the Brother printer for proper installation process.
  • Click on the “View” button and you will come across with several links below the drop-down menus on the Brother Printer Software download page.
  • Click on the “Driver Information” link which is executing currently to install the printer.
  • Next, download the driver installation file carefully.
  • Open the file after the download is finished.
  • Follow all the instructions to complete the installing process of the printer.
  • A user needs to print a document from the PC device to verify the successful installation of your printer.

installation of Brother Printer with Online Software

For Printer installation, you need internet access. So that you can access to brother printer official website for installing printer supporting software. Here are the steps for downloading software-

  • Switch on your computer and open your working browser.
  • Now, in the search bar, enter the Brother printer official website.
  • When you visit on that search for your printer model and click download on the supporting software
  • When the download links appear, download it
  • Now the download process begins, so wait for a while.
  • After the download completes,  click on the setup files and proceed for installation.
  • This took little time, so wait for it.

Now check, your printer is installed and ready to use.

Configuration of your Brother Printer with Network:

  • Installation of driver is the step one. Most printers work wirelessly in today’s time. Wireless printer specifies that your brother printer works wirelessly and many other computers can easily access brother’s printers features and functionality. In wireless printer, you do not need to attach your brother printer with specific computer. You need to attach your brother printer with router directly wirelessly. Configuration of your brother printer to your network is necessary for proper functioning.
  • First you need to collect network information which includes network name and password. Network name we also known as SSID. Sometimes we referred password as the network key or encryption key. All these information is located at the back side of your router of your wireless router. You are required a USB cable for the installation purpose.
  • First you need to connect your brother printer with the power source but you do not connect the USB cable yet. Then you need to turn on your computer if it is not turned on. You need to have installed printer driver already. Then you need to open printer network driver and select the configuration option. Now then you need to choose brother peer to peer network.
  • Then you need to your printer with computer via USB cable. You will get the prompt to change the firewall settings and you need to make some changes in the antivirus software. These changes are necessary to give the printer access with others. Some time users might not able to access the wireless printer due to firewall settings, so in this case, you need to change firewall settings. You need to make sure to select wireless setup to ensure working of your printer on wireless network rather than USB cable. The driver setup should identify your network, you need to select it and follow the onscreen prompt and click on OK for each prompt. Then you need to unplug your USB and test the setup process wirelessly.

These are very easy ways of installing Brother Printers. All steps are checked and tested by our expert team.

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